Love Hina (Episode 12) – Turtle Mayhem

After a close encounter with Tama, the resident pet turtle at the Hinata Apartments, Motoko’s life takes a hectic spin that escalates to the potential destruction of the apartments themselves!

Changing After the Wedding? Swordmaster Motoko’s Sunday Best: Feminine

Another excellent episode title, as to be expected from Love Hina.

While eating breakfast, the residents of the Hinata Apartments discover that Motoko is scared of turtles! But Tama, the pet flying turtle seems to have taken a liking to Motoko. After the first encounter, Motoko takes a bath with the other girls, but gets out early, only to find Tama in her clothes. After chasing Tama out, she puts her clothes in the washing machine.

Shinobu then points out that all of Motoko’s other clothes are either out drying or at the dry cleaners. This springs everyone into action as they dress Motoko in various outfits, with Motoko eventually settling on a nice dress. But wearing a dress has taken a toll on Motoko, as her ability with the sword seems to have taken a hit due to the feminine clothing.

Sometime later, Motoko’s clothes are dry – but Tama takes them and flies off. This cues the residents into action under Commander Kitsune, with the mission of finding Tama’s hidden stash of Motoko’s clothes and whatever else she’s been taking. In the process Kitsune, Su, and Shinobu run into a Mecha Tama, which was created by Su. It seems the real culprit was this mechanical turtle, not Tama. The robot turtle begins eating electronics until it grows to a massive size, and begins attacking the countryside.

Keitaro manages to calm Motoko down and reassure her that it doesn’t matter what she’s wearing, which allows her to then defeat the giant mecha turtle with her sword. They then find a massive stash of electonics and various other things that the turtle had taken.

Episode Thoughts

This was a crazy and funny episode. Honestly, this might be the best Lova Hina episode so far. It was not only a crazy escalation of events, but there were some very comedic moments too. The exact type of episode you’d expect to get from Love Hina, and done very well.

Motoko is one of my favourite characters in the series, so I was glad to get an episode centered around her and her reactions to so many things – Tama, the various outfits she wears, her interactions with Keitaro.. lot’s of fun moments that I’ll share with you in the episode highlights.

Lot of tall images this time as the anime featured 5 different outfits for Motoko! And the final outfit, the dress, looks great on her too. Speaking of, there was a hilarious moment where she takes a swing at Keitaro due to being embarrassed about wearing a dress, and he catches the blade mid air. Tama then flies in and Motoko swings at Tama, and Tama catche the blade mid air as well!

Classic Ecchi Moments

Keitaro Grab & Towel Disarm

Keitaro, the sly dog he is, “accidentally” grabs Motoko’s breast when she bumps into him while chasing Tama. Then, when he falls backwards, he takes her towel with him – leaving her naked!

Make no mistake, Keitaro knows exactly what he’s doing.
A true ecchi master.

Episode Highlights

First Encounters With Tama

Motoko Tries On Some Outfits

Keitaro & Tama Blade Catch

Commander Kitsune Musters the Troops

Mecha Tama – Growth & Defeat

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