Love Hina (Episode 13) – Shinobu’s Curiosity

Keitaro and Naru spend an awful lot of time in Naru’s room studying together. Kistune, who lives in the next room over, decides to drill some peep holes in the wall for herself, Su, and Shinobu. What they see gets Shinobu thinking…

The First Kiss Tastes Like Lemon? Marshmellow? Grown-up.

Kitsune, Su, and Shinobu witness Keitaro and Naru studying. Or, they were, but Naru seems to have fallen asleep. This prompts Keitaro, the sly fox he is, to go in for a kiss. An attempt at a kiss, because he fails to do so a few times. Naru then opens her eyes and tells him that she wasn’t sleeping, and knocks him out of the room before walking over to the peep holes and poking the three girl’s eyes.

But from then on, the episode follows Shinobu as she wonders what it’s like to kiss someone. Her friend at school says she has kissed someone, Su has, and she finds that pretty much everyone has.. This makes her want to have her own first kiss. There’s a lot of Shinobu talking to people about this subject.

Eventually, Su creates a robot that kisses people. Shinobu runs away from it, and the robot ends up changing targets to Kitsune, and then Motoko, before Motoko destroys it. Shinobu’s friend then tries to kiss her, and she runs away. Su then brings out another invention, a pair of goggles that somehow will force someone to kiss people – and she slaps it on Keitaro’s head. Keitaro begins to fly around trying to kiss people before he gets knocked out by Naru.

In the end, Su ends up kissing Shinobu, before all the girls go to the bath, the place where most Love Hina episodes seem to end.

Episode Thoughts

This episode wasn’t particularly amazing. While there were a few fun moments with Su’s inventions, most of the episode was Shinobu being curious about kissing, and it just wasn’t that interesting or exciting. There was actually a fairly serious tone for much of the episode, because it followed Shinobu and her thoughts.

On the plus side, I suppose it was nice to follow Shinobu this episode, sort of like we followed Motoko last episode. It’s nice to see what a day in the life of the other characters is like. I just wish that there was more ridiculous things happening in this episode.

We did see Kentaro for a brief moment, as he is now working part-time jobs due to losing most of his money when Naru, Shinobu, and Motoko all stopped being idols. Which means I was right that he had a lot of money tied up in advertising them and manufacturing their fame.

Episode Highlights

Peeping on Keitaro

Kentaro At Work

Su’s Kissing Machine

Su’s Kissing Goggles

Bath End

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