Love Hina (Episode 14) – Rat Race

Haruka breaks the news to everyone at the Hinata Apartments – they’ve held too many parties over the past month, and as a result, they’re broke! If they don’t come up with money to pay utilities, the Hinata Apartments are going to go dark. And so, everyone decides to earn their share of the cost – 10,000 yen each!

Reunion? Naru’s Crush is a Tokyo U Professor: Turning Into Love?

I know I’m always praising the episode titles of Love Hina, but this one takes the cake. Two questions in a single episode title? The episode titles are evolving as we go!

With the Hinata Apartments on the verge of bankruptcy, it’s time for damage control, with each resident responsible for 10,000 yen (basically 100 USD each). And they all have three days to come up with the money.

Keitaro begins by working at a manga studio, inking pages for an entire day. But on his way home, he comes across a strange woman who tells his fortune for the price of 10,000 yen – which is exactly how much he made at the manga job. Being the dork he is, Keitaro pays her for the fortune – if he jumps in a pond to the East, he will be able to reverse his misfortune. Keitaro runs off to find a pond. And of course, the woman turns out to be Kitsune, making her share of the cash.

Kitsune follows Keitaro until he finds a pond, which happens to be located at Tokyo U. There he meets a man in a lab coat named Seta, who works at Tokyo U as a lecturer. Seta gives Keitaro a job as his assistant. He also has a relative named Sara, who does her best to sabotage Keitaro and his job. Kitsune, who is watching, sees Seta and we then find out that Seta is Naru’s old tutor, who she had been in love with and promised that she would go to Tokyo U.

Naru then shows up as she had picked up a job as a cheerleader at Tokyo U – Kitsune throws water at her in order to ruin her outfit. But Naru doesn’t go home, and instead finds another job in a “pep squad”. Kitsune ends up cycling through various jobs with Naru in order to try and keep her away from Seta. They get jobs as campus waitresses and of course, Naru is going to deliver to Seta. Kitsune manages to stop Naru from seeing him, but Seta ends up seeing Kitsune, and remembering the Hinata Apartments.

In addition we see all of the other residents working at Tokyo U in some job or another. Motoko in the fencing club, Shinobu selling boxed lunches, and Su in IT.

In the end, everyone comes up with the money except for Keitaro!

Episode Thoughts

A very fun episode! More antics as usual. I’ve come to realize that Love Hina has this formula it uses often where all of the characters tend to coincidentally bump into each other for some reason or another. They seem to gravitate towards each other, so it’s no surprise that every single one of them ended up at Tokyo U for work!

Naru was great in this episode too, with the collection of jobs she got. I thought she fit in perfectly in the “pep squad”, which I thought was a discipline squad or something at first. While she doesn’t look it, she packs a punch and deserves a spot with the tough guys.

The real mystery here is how Tokyo U pays people to participate in club activities! I guess I could see cheerleaders getting paid, but some of the jobs I thought it seemed a bit bizarre, like the pep squad or when Naru and Kitsune modeled costumes for a costume club. I guess it makes sense? But it seems odd for clubs to contract out positions when you’d think they could just have their own members do these jobs for free.

Oh and speaking of Naru and Kitsune, they both looked great in the flashback we got this episode of them and Seta. Honestly, I think Kitsune looks way better with longer hair! I knew Kitsune was older than Naru, but I didn’t realize they went to school together at some point. So I guess Kitsune is only a year or two older than Naru.

Anyways, that’s all from me. I’m giving this episode a “that was great” rating!

Episode Highlights

Keitaro’s First Job + Kitsune’s Scam

Meeting Seta & Sara

Kitsune’s Flashback

Naru’s Various Jobs

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