Love Hina (Episode 15) – Rekindled Love?

Keitaro is tasked with looking after Sara while Seta is off on a archaeological dig. But while everyone at the Hinata Apartments is fawning over Sara, the threat of Naru seeing Seta once again is looming…

I Love You! Romantic Confession Inside a Cave: Tall Tale

All of the girls at the Hinata Apartments gets excited over the arrival of Sara. While Naru is getting some tea, Sara begins to trash her room and throw clothes on Keitaro, framing him, and earning him a kick in the face. However, Sara’s double-faced nature is soon caught by Naru.

Once she’s found out, Sara declares her dislike of everyone and runs for it. Naru and Keitaro go after her because Keitaro is supposed to look after her, while Kitsune gets the other girls to go after her because of her links to Seta. They all chase Sara to an old door on the outskirts of the apartments complex – when the door explodes open!

And then appears Seta, covered in dirt. It turns out that the area he was digging led him right to the Hinata Apartments. Faced with her old crush, Naru becomes extremely flustered. Seta, Sara, Keitaro, and Naru all sit down for some tea at the apartments, but Naru begins acting nervous, tripping several times and spilling tea on Keitaro. After a short and awkward conversation, Seta goes back to his digging with Sara.

Keitaro then gets the idea in his head that he’s going to help Naru confess to Seta, even though that’s not what she wants. He drags her into the cave – Kitsune then grabs the girls and follows. Everyone ends up meeting up with Seta, but Naru gets separated. Seta then uncovers a giant mechanical door, and inside is an army of mechanical turtles.

The turtles chase them out and they run into Naru, also running from turtles. Motoko blows them away with her sword, but also caves in the roof, trapping everyone. Keitaro then confesses to Seta on Naru’s behalf, and Seta responds that he loves everyone from the Hinata Apartments. Aunt Haruka then appears in the ceiling – whatever this cave system is, she had been using it as a garbage chute!

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Episode Thoughts

Well, I’d anticipated Seta meeting Naru, but I had not considered such a dramatic entrance! Unlike Kentaro, Seta doesn’t feel like a true love rival for Keitaro (not that Kentaro is doing so well on that front…). He’s just too much of an airhead, and it doesn’t seem like he’d ever really get the picture.

Overall this was a pretty fun episode, another one that I’d dub a “classic Love Hina” episode. A seemingly serious plot that takes a wacky turn in the end. The giant mecha turtle survived and created an army of little turtles.. unless Motoko’s attack caved in the entire cave system, it’s probably still making turtles. Perhaps the mecha turtle will get a third appearance?

Episode Highlights

Finding Seta

Mecha Turtles, Trapped, and Saved

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