Love Hina (Episode 16) – Teahouse Hinata

The Love Hina crew hit the beach! The only thing is… they aren’t there to swim. Instead, they’re there to perform a play in order to bring customers to a dilapidated tea house owned by Haruka. And what a play they put on!

Monkey Performance at the Seaside Teahouse Hinata: A Kiss?

It’s all hands on deck for the Love Hina cast to put on a play for the Hinata Teahouse! The play in question is.. well I’m not quite sure. It boils down to a story where Keitaro is on a journey and encounters many different characters along the way that join him. Eventually, they get to a point where a fight is displayed using puppets, and Su goes too far, accidentally creating so many that the teahouse is bursting at the seams with them.

They then come across Seta, who just happened to have excavated an ampitheatre nearby. They continue the play there, but with some changes – Naru is the heroine of the story now, although she’s in a much skimpier outfit. Motoko fights Seta for Naru, but fails. Keitaro then goes in to fight Seta but accidentally yanks Naru’s top off using his staff. She knocks Keitaro out, and then the kids in the audience begin calling for her to kiss him to wake him up. But just as she’s about to, the ground cracks open and a hot spring bursts out.

Episode Thoughts

While this episode was a rough continuation of the last one, in that they actually showed a short recap via Kitsune, it was pretty self-contained. Aside from Keitaro being a bit bummed out in the beginning, it felt like just another slice of life episode.

The play itself was interesting I suppose. I was actually hoping to see some swimsuits this episode, considering it opens up on the beach. So for the episode to then shift to a play caught me off guard.

Overall though, I thought the episode was fun enough. The play got out of hand a few times, in classic Love Hina fashion, but the episode throughout was pretty consistent. A good episode, but it’s hard for me to come up with anything in particular that stood out. I guess Naru’s skimpy outfit was the highlight of the episode.

Episode Highlights

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