Love Hina (Episode 17) – Ghostly Encounters On Vacation: Haunted Necklace?

It seems the Hinata Apartments crew isn’t done with the beach just yet! With the Hinata Teahouse up and running, there’s still time for some beach fun. Or perhaps a haunted shipwreck is on the cards? Either way, more Love Hina antics are bound to occur!

Mesmerized by Naru on the Haunted Island! Something’s Fishy!

The Hinata Teahouse is fully operational, with all hands on deck. Everything seems to be going well too, until Seta shows up. Motoko, who lost to him last episode, immediately challenges him to a fight and ends up trashing a large portion of the Teahouse and driving customers away. Later that day, one of Motoko’s friends tells her that she’s grown soft from being around men, citing her loss to Seta as evidence.

Motoko decides that she will visit a nearby shipwreck that is said to be haunted and exorcise any spirits there as training. Meanwhile, Keitaro’s friends have decided that the shipwreck would be a perfect location to take the Hinata girls and try to scare them so they can comfort them.

Motoko shows up to the shipwreck to see a party in full swing. She eventually encounters a spirit, but it escapes. While exploring the shipwreck, Naru finds a necklace and puts it on. The girls end up finding out about Keitaro & friends plans to scare them, and getting angry at them.

Later on, Keitaro walks in on Naru (as he usually does) in the bath area (she’s wearing a swimsuit). But this time, Naru seems totally okay with it, and actually invites him to come closer. She embraces him, and then attempts to drown him. Motoko shows up and blasts Keitaro away, but then notices that Naru is possessed by a spirit. Naru escapes.

Motoko fills everyone in, and then they decide to help her train a special sword strike for exorcising spirits – using Keitaro and Kentaro as practice targets. Naru shows up during the training, and a chase occurs before the spirit leaves Naru and possesses Motoko’s friend who is also there. Motoko manages to exorcise the spirit, and all is well once again.

Episode Thoughts

I tried my best to imitate the Love Hina episode name style with the post title this time around, I think it works pretty well. Maybe they were onto something with their episode names!

Well, we sort of got a beach episode? At least, we got Naru in a swimsuit. It’s a step in the right direction at least. I wasn’t even expecting the cast to still be at the beach! So maybe we’ll get an official beach episode sometime soon still.

I think this episode was fun enough. The trick in the end was that Motoko’s friend was possessed all along I think, when she was accusing Motoko of growing soft. Apparently the ghost was of a prudish woman that hated men or something like this.

One thing I have noticed is that Kentaro seems a lot more boring without his excessive wealth. He did pipe up at one point saying that ghosts aren’t real, with a nice authoritative tone, which I thought was good, but I think he’d be better wearing a suit and throwing money around like he used to. It’s too bad he lost all his money with that whole idol business.

I’m going to hope that we get a proper beach episode next time!

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