Love Hina (Episode 18) – Jealousy

Just about finished at the beach, the Hinata Apartments crew are ready to return home after earning some money at the Hinata Teahouse. However, Naru is angry at Keitaro once again, and a summer festival is coming up!

Girls Dressed in Yukata for the Summer Festival: Let’s!

Last episode, Keitaro had accidentally fallen and grabbed Naru’s shirt on his way down. While Naru is normally pretty forgiving, it seems this time she isn’t. And so now Naru is ignoring Keitaro..

Everyone gets their pay from Haruka for working at the Teahouse. Seta then shows up with Sara, and Naru asks Seta to the summer festival that night. Later on, at their hotel, Keitaro decides to sneak into Naru’s room to explain try and make up with her, but Kitsune is there with her. Naru teases Kitsune about liking Keitaro, causing Keitaro to burst into the room. Kitsune then goes a step further by almost kissing Keitaro, before admitting it was a joke.

Seta asks Haruka if she could take care of Sara while he goes on a dig. Sara gets angry and storms off. She decides to cause some trouble in the Teahouse, but Su beat her to the punch. Motoko shows up to a large mess, and only Sara, as Su managed to give her the slip. Later on, Sara decides that she will take Su to a nearby island and leave her there. They go in a rubber dinghy, but then the turtle bites it once they arrive, stranding them both.

At the summer festival, Naru clings to Seta while making snide comments to Keitaro. Keitaro spends most of the night with Shinobu, who has a blast. Kitsune finds out from Kentaro that Sara and Su had gone off in a rubber dinghy, and goes looking for them. She strikes a mine near the island (courtesy of Su) and her jet ski is destroyed.

Eventually Naru and Keitaro make up during the fireworks, and the girls stranded on the island make their way back to the mainland via a sandbar that appears from the receding tide.

Episode Thoughts

It’s difficult as usual to fit everything into the synopsis! I guess basically, Keitaro and Naru had an argument and made up, Sara got trolled by Su, and Kitsune actually loves Seta. That’s probably the best summation I can give in terms of the characters at least.

I think my favourite moment from this episode was Sara getting trolled by Su, which happened several times. I also liked how Su somehow managed to mine the waters around the island they were on before Kitsune arrived.

It was also fun to see Shinobu happy as she spent most of the summer festival with Keitaro, although he was clearly thinking about Naru for the most part, as she was thinking of him while with Seta. Shinobu looked super cute in her yukata too, so at least one character really enjoyed the festival.

Just the usual for Love Hina. Part romance, part wacky happenings. So it was another fun episode, although I suppose it wasn’t as crazy as the episodes have been in the past!

Episode Highlights

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