Love Hina (Episode 19) – The Crown Prince

A man who looks an awful lot like Keitaro appears at the Hinata Apartments. Who is he and what has he done with Keitaro?

Marry into Money? A Prince from Across the Sea: Warm

Everyone is getting ready to return to school, but Su is bored. Terrorizing the Hinata Apartments as usual, everyone gets irritated at her. But just as they are confronting her, she transforms into an adult again. Coincidentally, at the same time, a mysterious boy who looks like Keitaro, but has much better manners, arrives.

After some misunderstandings, we learn that the boy is actually Su’s brother, a crown prince from India. We also learn that he isn’t actually Su’s brother, but that she was just raised alongside him. As he is going to be drafted into the military soon, he has arrived to marry Su, because they were betrothed or something like this.

Otohime also appears at the Hinata Apartments, and will be staying there in order to attempt to get into Tokyo U again, just like Keitaro and Naru.

There’s a lot of shenanigans, such as Su running away, some robot turtles, and things like this, but eventually they manage to arrive to a conclusion. Su will go back to India with her brother and explain that she doesn’t want to get married. The last hitch though is that Su accidentally brought Keitaro with her instead of her brother!

Episode Thoughts

A lot happened this episode, at least in terms of the characters running around, reactions, and other wacky stuff. Overall though it was simple enough, with Su just not being ready yet to get married. I think arranged marriages are still a big thing in India? Don’t quote me on that one though.

Keitaro got a mad tan just in time for his body double to show up too, which was pretty funny. I actually missed the bit where they explained that, but I’m sure it was in there somewhere.

Either way, it was a fun episode. Nothing really crazy happened story-wise, but I guess all of the characters will be going back to school soon? And Otohime is back, this time it seems for much longer. Considering Otohime is likely the actual person Keitaro made his promise with, I’m sure we’ll find out about that soon enough.

Episode Highlights

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