Love Hina (Episode 2) – A New Guest

Shinobu Maehara, the daughter of a local restaurant owner, is going to be moving out of town with her mother. Only that may not be what she personally wants…

The Hinata’s New Resident, Shinobu: Arrow Signs

Another funny episode name. Shinobu is a young girl who is reluctant about moving out of town with her mother. She’s very shy and reserved, and so she never tells people what she is thinking. In the previous episode, Keitaro lost his sketchbook, and Shinobu was the one who picked it up. Shinobu visits the Hina Apartments in order to return the book.

When she arrives, Su and Naru accept the sketchbook and begin looking through it. What they find are sketches of women, mostly in lingerie / swimsuits. Keitaro shows up right after and they begin arguing. During the ordeal, Shinobu grabs the sketchbook and runs off.

We find out that Shinobu’s parents are recently divorced, and that her mother couldn’t afford to keep the restaurant in town open. Keitaro and the girls decide to hold a going away party for Shinobu, despite just having met her. Shinobu ends up helping them cook the various dishes. Her parents show up to take her away, and after some running around, Shinobu gathers up the courage to tell them that she doesn’t want to leave, and that she is going to stay at the Hina Apartments (working as a cook to pay her rent).

For some reason her parents are fine with this, or at least allow it in the end.

Classic Ecchi Moments

Keitaro’s Sketches

Perhaps not a classic trope, but Keitaro’s sketches aren’t half bad! If anything, they have that classic style. He’s got some talent, I’d say! Maybe we will see more of his sketches in future episodes?

Keitaro Slip

This episode we got the straightforward slip – guy falls on top of girl, and “accidentally” puts his hands somewhere he shouldn’t. Why brace for impact when you can faceplant into the ground instead, and try to cop a feel in the chaos?

In Summary…

Most of this episode was actually following a sad Shinobu around school and town. As a result, it didn’t feel like very much actually happened – although that may be because my eye is always searching for those classic ecchi tropes!

Still, it’s nice to see the anime waste no time in expanding the cast. There’s another girl too, Motoko, who is out training at the moment and doesn’t realize Keitaro is their new manager, so I expect some excellent “misunderstandings” from her in the future.

Once the cast is complete I’m sure the anime will jump right into some classic harem scenarios!

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