Love Hina (Episode 20) – Doll From A Bygone Era

The Hinata Apartments still contain many secrets, and not just in the form of secret passageways. It seems that Keitaro’s ancestors had left some relics behind…!

The episode begins with Keitaro, Naru, and Otohime all studying for their Tokyo U entrance exams. Naru scored well, but Otohime managed to ace her practice questions. It turns out that the biggest thing preventing her from making it in is injury or forgetting to write her name on the exam! Probably.

Sara and Su then pop out of a drawer, and explain that they are mapping out the passageways in and around the building. They drag Keitaro, Naru and Otohime with them into the drawer, and everyone ends up in an old hallway that hadn’t been used in quite some time. Keitaro enters a room and finds a doll inside. The doll then speaks to him, and he brings her upstairs to clean her off.

It turns out that only Keitaro can hear the doll’s voice though! Well, until Otohime enters his room and also hears it. Then Naru jealously shows up and also hears it… but no one other than those three! Keitaro then spends time with the doll, gets Su to fix her legs to she can walk, and then spends more time with her (as well as Otohime and Naru).

One day while sitting outside the doll begins telling the three about how she made a promise with Keitaro’s great grandfather, and then we see flashbacks of them. The doll seems satisfied, and then collapses. It’s a somber ending to the episode.

Episode Thoughts

I believe the doll wasn’t actually mechanically powered, but inhibited by a spirit that was seeking fulfillment or something like this. Motoko tried to exorcise it at one point but Keitaro stopped her, and I think that’s why the doll just collapsed in the end. I guess the doll won’t be joining the cast with that development.

This episode was quite easy-going. Nothing crazy happened for once, it was more just Keitaro and the doll. I have no issues with that though, it was still a decent episode.

Otohime has now fully joined the cast it seems, and she’s quite close with Keitaro. There’s definitely a little competition going on there between her and Naru, although Naru seems to mind much more than Otohime. I think it’s only a matter of time now before we learn that Otohime is the one who made the promise with Keitaro when she was a child.

Episode Highlights

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