Love Hina (Episode 22) – Sisterly Conduct

Last episode introduced a new character to the series – Naru’s sister Mei! Why is she only showing up now? Has she come to protect Naru from Keitaro?

Little Sister Mei’s Devious Plan: It Can’t Be!

The episode opens with Mei having snuck into Keitaro’s room. Naru hears something, and hops down from her room to knock Keitaro out after assuming he had abducted her sister. The next morning we learn that the two are only stepsisters, and that Mei wants Naru to go home with her. They get into an argument about it, and Naru leaves.

She begins looking at old photos when she finds one of her at the Hinata Apartments when she was young. It’s also mentioned that she’s had her stuffed animal, called “Liddo”, since she was a kid. Otohime shows up and Mei puts her new plan into action – get Keitaro and Otohime together so that Naru will give up on him and go home.

She traps Otohime and Keitaro in his room in the heat, causing Otohime to take some clothes off. Naru enters and knocks Keitaro out. Afterwards, there is a Hinata Apartments potato stew party. Mei convinces Otohime to wear a nice dress, and then gets Naru to wear a tracksuit. Eventually Otohime goes for some stew and discovers Naru’s Liddo in the pot.

She mentions that she used to have one just like it, but that she had given it away to a friend. Naru gets upset and goes inside, and Keitaro follows her. He reassures her that even though he had a promise with someone else originally, he wanted to get into Tokyo U with her now.

The episode ends with Naru cleaning her Liddo, when she discovers that it actually has Otohime’s name written on it!

Episode Thoughts

Well, the Love Hina story is finally making some strides in regards to how everyone’s past connects. It seems that Keitaro, Naru, and Otohime all knew each other when they were kids. Another case of anime amnesia at its best, although I guess they were fairly young.

While it’s nice to see the story finally wrapping itself up in regards to this mysterious past, it’s also been clear for a while that Otohime was the one Keitaro made his promise with. That said, maybe the anime will throw a curveball at us and we’ll find out that Keitaro actually promised BOTH Otohime and Naru. You just never know.

It’ll all come to light soon enough.

Other than the story, I’d just like to see more wacky things happen, because that’s really the core of the anime. That and Keitaro getting knocked around, I guess!

Episode Highlights

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