Love Hina (Episode 23) – Drama Ensues

With Naru now completely certain that Otohime is the girl who Keitaro made a promise with in the past, she’s beginning to feel left out. What sort of drama will occur now?

Naru Narusegawa – Her Wavering Heart and Keitaro: Crushed

After finding out that Otohime is the girl from Keitaro’s past, Naru begins moping around the Hinata Apartments. Otohime and Keitaro go to pick up their prep school test results without her, and while Otohime aced her test, Keitaro didn’t do so well. They return to the apartments and Otohime has a bath with Naru, where Naru tells Otohime about Keitaro. Otohime then mentions that Naru also loves Keitaro, causing her to get angry (her tsundere nature).

To add to the drama, Keitaro’s grandmother returns from her long trip. She immediately sets out to repair the Hinata Apartments, forcing the residents to leave for several days. Keitaro ends up going to Otohime’s apartment, where they can study together. At first, Naru doesn’t go, but then changes her mind later. Only, when she shows up, she sees Keitaro on top of Otohime (they are both very clumsy). Naru storms out, and Keitaro chases after her. After an upset outburst, Naru kisses Keitaro.

The episode ends with an air of uncertainty – Naru upset and unsure of herself, and everyone unsure whether Keitaro will remain the manager of the Hinata Apartments or not.

Episode Thoughts

After so many episodes of messing around and comedy, Love Hina has finally decided to crank up the story and get back to it. It’s quite the change for the show to go to, but at the same time these things were bound to happen.

It’s hard to say which I prefer between Otohime and Naru. Naru’s going to have to crack through that tsundere shell of hers in order to win Keitaro over, and considering she’s the poster girl for the show, I imagine she will end up with Keitaro. Or the show will end on an open note with no real resolution, which is definitely something many other anime like to do. The fact that she kissed Keitaro must mean she felt pressured enough to do it, considering normally she would rather kick Keitaro out of embarrassment than actually follow through with it.

I think it’s clear though that Keitaro will remain as the manager for the apartments.

The drama is a nice change, and also a sign that we are very close to wrapping up this show.

Episode Highlights

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