Love Hina (Episode 24) – Resolutions

It’s the final episode of Love Hina, and Keitaro’s situation has reached climactic levels. Who really is the girl from his childhood, and who will he choose?

Celebrate! Are the Blooming Flowers Tokyo U? Love? Everybody

Looks like they saved the best episode title for last.

Last episode Naru had run off after seeing Keitaro with Mutsumi, and Keitaro chased after her. She then kissed him. Right after the kiss, Mutsumi arrives and Naru runs away. Mutsumi shows Keitaro the photo of them playing as children. Keitaro then realizes that Mutsumi was the girl from his childhood promise.

Due to the repairs to the Hinata Apartments, everyone is at their own homes, except Keitaro who is living with Mutsumi. Keitaro tells Shinobu on the phone that Mutsumi is the girl from his childhood, and she springs into action trying to gather the girls. Su and Kentaro end up going with her to Mutsumi’s place. Keitaro tells them to leave, and Kentaro mentions that Keitaro had chosen the “sure thing”, which upsets Keitaro.

Everyone manages to convince Naru to come back, and Mutsumi helps Keitaro realize his dreams. Naru finds Keitaro alone in the sandbox from his childhood, and he tells her he was just running away, using the promise as an excuse, because he did so bad on his last cram school test. The two run back to Hinata, where we find out Keitaro’s grandmother has left once again and he is still the apartment manager.

Episode Thoughts

Seems all is well in the end. It’s not a hard ending, with Keitaro specifically choosing Naru, but it’s implied that he chose Naru. Despite the whole promise thing, it’s also hinted that Otohime might have made her promise with someone else, or that Naru might have also made the same promise with Keitaro. In the end though, it was clear that Naru was going to be his choice considering she’s the face of the show.

Also, as you’d expect, the show ends with everything going back to normal, with Keitaro being apartment manager and still struggling to get into Tokyo U. At least he has a job while he tries to get in, but I can’t help but wonder if he’d even be able to pass any university courses if he has such trouble just getting in.

Overall it was a pretty good episode. Nothing crazy, and nothing really unexpected. With shows like this it’s usually pretty clear how the ending will go. I have some thoughts on the series overall, but I’ll save those for the full review.

Episode Highlights

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