Love Hina (Episode 3) – Motoko Returns

Motoko, another resident of the Hinata Apartments, has been away at a training camp to refine her sword technique. How will she react to Keitaro living at the Hinata Apartments when she returns?

Kendo Girl in Love? Swordplay.

While Keitaro has managed to settle into his new role as manager of the all-girls Hinata Apartments, one resident has yet to meet him – the traditional, sword slinging Motoko.

After failing more preparatory tests for Tokyo U, Keitaro and his friends hit the streets, to hit on girls. They run into Motoko and a group of girls that are following her. Keitaro’s friends get right in there and ask if the girls want to go to karaoke. Motoko blows them all away with her umbrella (she doesn’t like men).

Keitaro returns home and heads to the baths, and Motoko is there getting changed. She chases Keitaro around the building with her sword, before the other girls calm her down. Motoko refuses to accept Keitaro as manager. She challenges Keitaro to a duel, and after some running around, they end up on the roof. Motoko, who is sick at this time, semi-passes out and Keitaro saves her from falling off the roof.

He then proceeds to fall off himself. Because he saved Motoko though, she seems to calm down a bit, although she “still hasn’t accepted him”. The episode ends with the girls finding Keitaro’s wallet in the hot springs (where he fell), and they find out that Keitaro is not actually a Tokyo U student.

Classic Ecchi Moments

Keitaro Grabs Motoko’s Boob

When he first meets Motoko, she lifts him up with her umbrella. Gasping for air, Keitaro proceeds to grab her breast – as one normally would, right?

Keitaro’s Hidey Hole

Well, it’s actually not very hidden. But it turns out there is a hole in the ceiling of Keitaro’s room, allowing him to climb up into Naru’s room! How convenient!

Keitaro Slip

When being chased by Motoko, Keitaro darts up into his hidey hole and into Naru’s room. He slips and falls on top of her. No panty shots, but we do get a good image of Naru here.

Ah, the classic “backwards fall”.

In Summary…

We’ve now been introduced to another member of the Love Hina cast (harem). While Motoko claims to hate men, she couldn’t help but blush at several occasions when thinking about Keitaro. She also thought for a moment that she had fallen for him, even though she was actually just sick.

We can expect Motoko to take on a tsundere role alongside Naru. It’s a bit surprising given how violent Naru is, to see another tsundere that is potentially more violent. Motoko is the type who loses it at the smallest of interactions with Keitaro, so we can expect her to draw her sword quite often in the anime.

With Motoko introduced, we have the fallout of Keitaro’s lie being exposed to look forward to in the next episode. I wonder what kind of punishments the girls have in store for him…!

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