Love Hina (Episode 4) – Keitaro’s Academic Struggle

The cat is out of the bag – Keitaro is not a Tokyo U student, and now everyone knows. Luckily for Keitaro, the girls give him one final chance to redeem himself – he has to pass his next preliminary exams, or else they’ll find a new manager!

The Tokyo U Promise From 15 Years Ago

While Keitaro has now been tasked with passing his preliminary exams, he still has to perform his duties as manager of the Hina Apartments. The girls, in their frustration, seem to be working him even harder than normal as well, with all sorts of tasks such as cleaning, laundry, cooking, in addition to his studies. But Keitaro powers through.

Keitaro pays Naru a visit through the hole between his room and hers, and while she helps him study, she also tells him to plug up the hole. While he is doing this, he accidentally bumps into her bookshelf and her diary falls onto the floor, open. Naru walks in and sees this, getting visibly upset. She stops talking to him after this.

Unhappy with how things went, Keitaro doubles down on his studies in order to prove himself to Naru. After the exam, while grading his work, he gets disparaged at some incorrect answers and assumes that he failed. Keitaro sneaks into his room, takes some of his things, and runs away. Naru finds him at Tokyo U, and helps him get his act together. He then goes back and finishes grading his exam to find out that he had actually passed all along!

Naru passed her preliminary exam too!

Episode Thoughts

Keitaro is not a very smart guy. But what we can see from this episode is that he can work hard when his heart is in it.

There were two things I wanted to point out from this episode.
First is that Keitaro has patched up the hidey hole, unfortunately.

As you can see, this is a terrible patch job – which gives me hopes that the hidey hole will make a comeback!

Second is that Keitaro is now under the impression that Naru is the girl from his childhood who promised to meet him at Tokyo U. He noticed the words “Tokyo U” and “promise” in Naru’s diary, and she mentioned a promise to him as well. The thing is, the anime reveals that Naru had made a promise to someone named Mr. Seto, who isn’t Keitaro. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with this misunderstanding.

Overall, this episode was almost entirely focused on Keitaro and Naru. I was pretty OK with it, because I was hoping to see more Naru.

Classic Ecchi Tropes

Keitaro Catches Naru Changing

The reason Naru had Keitaro patch up that hidey hole is because he popped up and caught her changing for a second time (damn he’s good!). What a blessing that hidey hole has been, it’s a real shame to see it get patched up.

Quick! Hide!

While studying with Naru, one of the other girls knocks on the door. Not wanting to be caught with Keitaro in her room at night, Naru tells Keitaro to hide – so he hides under the kotatsu they were sitting at. Naturally Keitaro is pressed right up against Naru’s legs. Finding it a bit hot, he has the genius idea to look for the kotatsu’s off-switch, and ends up touching Naru’s inner thigh…

I take back what I wrote earlier – Keitaro is a genius.

Hot Springs Peek

Finally, Keitaro walks in on the girls all bathing in the hot springs. When he had found out that he passed, he ran right in, test in hand, to show the girls due to his excitement. Naru gets out, wrapped in a towel, and knocks him out.

I guess it’s not really a peek if you just walk right in!

In Summary…

Great episode.
I especially like how Naru looks with her glasses on.

It’s really amazing how many tropes we get each episode.
As always, looking forward to seeing what sort of situations Keitaro will get himself into next!

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