Love Hina (Episode 5) – A Trip to Kyoto

The time has come for the Tokyo U entrance exams Both have a past promise to keep, and have been studying hard. Will their hard work pay off?

“Wow, a Trip to Kyoto! Exciting!”

The fateful day has arrived – Tokyo U entrance exams.

Long story short – they both failed. After going together to see how they did, both Keitaro and Naru couldn’t find their names on the board. They go to a restaurant for some drinks. Keitaro begins gushing about his promise, telling Naru that they can live happily together without going to Tokyo U, which prompts Naru to ask what he is on about.

Keitaro then finds out that Naru is not the girl he made the promise with, because 15 years prior Naru was only 2 years old. The girl he made the promise with would have to be closer to his own age, which is around 23 if I remember correctly. They part ways after Keitaro finds this out.

The next day, both Naru and Keitaro individually decide to go on a soul-searching trip to a traditional inn in Kyoto. They happen to get seats next to each other on the train. Keitaro bumps into Naru causing their glasses to fall onto the ground, and then while searching for them he accidentally sits on them, breaking them.

As a result, they both mistake each other for someone else, somehow. After spending time together in Kyoto, they both end up at the same inn, and are asked if they can share a room due to overbooking. Their repaired glasses are then delivered to them. They both end up getting over their post-failure sorrows, and the episode ends.

Episode Thoughts

Believe it or not, we didn’t get any ecchi tropes this episode! The closest we got was Keitaro bumping into Naru on the train, but there was no accidental groping or anything. I guess Keitaro decided to be extra careful to not anger Naru after she failed her Tokyo U exam.

While it seems like a coincidence that they ended up going on the same trip, we find out that there was actually a flier for that specific inn in Kyoto lying around at the Hinata Apartments, so they both must have saw it and got the same idea.

There were some seemingly impossible moments this episode. How they didn’t recognize each other’s voice for an entire day doesn’t make too much sense, for starters. And then when sleeping next to each other at the inn, Keitaro somehow managed to tie himself up in order to give Naru peace of mind, which seems impossible considering how he did it.

In Summary…

The biggest question we leave this episode with now is how the other girls at the Hinata Apartments handle these developments – first, they know that Keitaro and Naru went to Kyoto together, and second, they know Keitaro failed. Will they let him stay on as the Hinata Apartments manager?

The answer is clearly yes, because the anime would end otherwise. But I still wonder how things will play out in that regard.

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