Love Hina (Episode 6) – Lost and Found

With Keitaro and Naru still in Kyoto, the rest of the gals at the Hinata Apartments are getting antsy. Are they together? Have they eloped? Eventually, they cave and go searching for the missing couple..

Keitaro’s First Kiss is With? A Journey

Keitaro and Naru seem to be sticking together in Kyoto, despite ending up together coincidentally. They run into Mutsumi Otohime, an anemic girl that Keitaro had met back at Tokyo U prior to his entrance exams. They chat for a little bit, and then Otohime faints, so Naru and Keitaro take her to a nearby cafe. There we learn that just like Keitaro, Otohime has failed her entrance exam to Tokyo U three times!

Not only this, but it seems Otohime is just as much of a klutz as Keitaro. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? After all, we know now that Naru is not the girl Keitaro made that promise with…

Meanwhile, it seems that Su and Shinobu have gone off to find Keitaro and Naru. This prompts Mitsune and Motoko to also go searching.

With Otohime’s poor health, Keitaro and Naru offer to help her get home. This is when we discover that Otohime is from Okinawa. And so their journey begins… in the wrong direction. They somehow end up in Nagoya, and then Sendai, and then Hokkaido…

What we end up with is a cat and mouse game, where the various groups end up seeing each other in the random locations that they end up… eventually though, Otohime, Keitaro, and Naru end up on a ship bound for Okinawa. Otohime mentions that she is from a remote island, and so she inflates a raft, planning to jump off the ferry and make her way home on her own. Keitaro and Naru end up joining her, and after drifting at sea, wash ashore an island.

On the island, Otohime ends up kissing Keitaro, causing Naru to run off in frustration. Keitaro runs after her, and just as he is about to kiss her (he “slipped” on top of her) the other girls from the Hinata Apartments arrive on a small boat that happens to be captained by Otohime’s father. Back at her home, Otohime kisses Naru as thanks for helping her get home. She also gives them a turtle as a gift.

Now they just have to make it home!

Episode Thoughts

Well, quite a bit happened this episode! It was difficult to try and summarize it all, but I think I captured the gist of it. There were many fun moments in this episode though!

It’s a bit ridiculous that the Hinata Apartment girls somehow managed to always be in the right place at the right time across all of Japan to catch a glimpse of Keitaro and Naru. But that’s what this anime is all about, so it works out great.

At first, the girls think that Keitaro and Naru have eloped, but their opinions change when they see the news that three passengers aboard a ferry had gone missing – Keitaro, Naru, and Otohime. At that point, they began to think that Keitaro and Naru had formed a suicide pact, and so right as Keitaro was about to kiss Naru on the island, they showed up yelling “Don’t do it!”, which was pretty funny.

Classic Ecchi Tropes

Truck Slip

This time it’s a truck slip. Keitaro, Naru and Otohime are in the back of a truck trying to get to Okinawa, when the truck hits a bump. This causes Keitaro to fall on top of Naru, and after staring at her for a few moments, he gets up and apologizes. They both looked pretty flustered after that.

Keitaro’s Beach Slip

Keitaro is proving to be the master of the slip. Sometimes he goes for an accidental grab, and sometimes he doesn’t. This slip was carefully executed in order to pin Naru down so that he could go in for a kiss.

Lot of slips in this anime, aren’t there?

In Summary…

This was a fun episode. We got to meet Otohime, who is seeming to be the girl that Keitaro made a promise to when he was a child. And it seems she remembers it too, because she is also trying to get into Tokyo U. They’re birds of a feather, really.

Keitaro slips on girls all the time, and Otohime faints and falls onto people also. They’re both klutzes, and they’ve both failed their entrance exams three times. Everything should work out.. but there’s a wrench in the gears now, and that’s Naru. How will Keitaro manage this, and who will he choose?

We’ll find out eventually – there’s plenty of Love Hina left to get through!

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