Love Hina (Episode 7) – Introducing… Kentaro

It’s time for Naru’s graduation from high school. And, on the last day of school, it’s finally time for one man’s laid-out plans to come to fruition..

First Date, Keitaro’s True Feelings: Nowadays

Another Love Hina episode, another nonsensical episode title.

The episode begins with the folks at the Hinata Apartments viewing Naru’s dreams through a gadget Su had created that looks awfully similar to a modern VR headset. In the dream Naru is pinned down on the beach, just like she was last episode, only the man who pins her down is… who?

Luckily we don’t have to wait long to find out. Just as Naru realizes she is going to be late for her graduation ceremony, a giant ship drills through the apartment floor and a door opens to reveal the man from Naru’s dream – Kentaro! Kentaro is a spoiled rich character whose name is awfully similar to Keitaro’s, and he also looks like an improved Keitaro. Kentaro takes Naru to school, and waves at her after giving his valedictorian speech.

After school Naru goes home seeming a bit depressed, and everyone at the Hinata Apartments is concerned about what she’ll decide to do for her future, as she did just recently fail her Tokyo U entrance exams. Keitaro hints that he knows what she wants (he managed to score some tickets to a newly opened amusement park from his friends) and the girls force the VR headset on him to see what he is thinking about.

They then watch Keitaro’s dream of going to the amusement park on a date with Naru… only just when things are about to get good, Kentaro shows up! Turns out there are multiple VR headsets. Kentaro and Keitaro compete to “conquer” the virtual Naru in the virtual dream. Kentaro wins out, but Naru shows up and pulls Kentaro aside to tell him she isn’t interested. She then reveals that she has tickets to the amusement park, and everyone is invited!

Episode Thoughts

Well, Kentaro literally came out of nowhere. Even though he was turned down this episode, I have a feeling he’ll pop up again sometime in the future. It’s funny because Kentaro has it all – money, looks, intelligence, but he doesn’t understand how to respect Naru’s feelings… the thing is, he doesn’t seem that smart in the end.

Kentaro revealed a step-by-step plan that he had been following since he first saw Naru in his first year of highschool. And for some reason, that plan involved not introducing himself to Naru until the last day of school, on the day of the graduation ceremony. In what world would a plan like that work?

Still, Kentaro seems like a fun character. The fact that he had no qualms destroying part of the Hinata Apartments in order to show off his fancy flying ship tells me that we’ll see more ridiculous antics from him that probably involve spending insane amounts of money. Nothing like a character that throws comical amounts of money at things!

As you can see, Kentaro only has eyes for the camera.

Classic Ecchi Moments

Unfortunately we only had one classic ecchi moment this episode, but it was definitely classic: the accidental boob grab.

Keitaro Accidental Boob Grab

Keitaro “loses his balance” and “accidentally” grabs Naru’s boob. He really grabs onto it too, as you can see from the image below. Is there a greater master of these things than Keitaro?

In Summary…

This was a pretty funny episode. Kentaro is a great cliche’d antagonist to Keitaro that has some excellent potential. I hope we see more of Kentaro in the future. I also wouldn’t mind some more ecchi tropes, but I’m sure there are plenty of those to come in future episodes!

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