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Keitaro and Naru manage to find an old game console and cartridge. This results in the apartment all coming together to play – except Motoko, who seems to be in a dream of her own…

Kendo Girl and the Legend of the Dragon Palace: Is This a Dream?

Motoko meets with some of her friends, who tell her that she hasn’t been as composed lately. This causes her to once again begin blaming Keitaro for her feelings. After some meditation, she grabs her sword and moves in to attack Keitaro – only to find him in a zombie-like state from the game. He latches onto her before falling to the floor.

Immediately the world goes black, and from here on out Motoko begins experiencing a dream version of the game, which is essentially a parody of Dragon Quest. Motoko first watches Naru get abducted by the Evil King, before meeting Keitaro on a beach… they begin collecting companions from there, in the form of all the other characters from the anime.

The entire time, Motoko is convinced that she is trapped in Keitaro’s dream, with her and many other characters doing something only to say “who cares? this is just a dream anyways”. Eventually, she confronts the Evil King, and wakes up from her dream. She then finds everyone else passed out around the game console.

The episode ends with Motoko and Naru in the bath, with Naru mentioning that Motoko never played any of the game, and Naru never having dreamed anything like Motoko did.

Episode Thoughts

Dragon Quest parody episodes seem to be pretty common in the anime world, so I wasn’t surprised to see this episode play out the way it did. Once I saw the console, I had a feeling we’d get some sort of Dragon Quest style episode, with the characters acting out the game, so to speak.

As far as Dragon Quest parody episodes go though, I admit this one was probably on the weaker side. There just wasn’t very much action, and not very many references aside from the character’s outfits. Most of the episode was just Motoko encountering more characters, and adding them to the party. There was one fight with Keitaro’s friends as enemies that Motoko defeated in one attack, and a little bit of action with Motoko fighting the Evil King. Overall I think the episode could have just used more references.

As a result of the parody, we didn’t really get much in terms of ecchi tropes either. Most of the fan service would have just been via the outfits, which in this episode was mainly Motoko’s outfit.

Episode Highlights

In Summary…

Maybe I’ve just seen too many Dragon Quest parody episodes at this point, but I didn’t think this episode really delivered as much as prior episodes. It just didn’t feel like enough really happened. Also, this episode would have been a good opportunity to bring Kentaro in as a villain or something, which felt like missed potential.

We’ll just have to keep watching to see what antics Love Hina throws at us next time.

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