Love Hina (Episode 9) – Rent Left Unchecked

Keitaro seems to be doing a decent job as the apartment manager for the Hinata Apartments, except for when it comes to keeping an eye on the rent money!

The Case of the Missing Hinata Apartment Money: A Mystery

Keitaro is particularly tired one morning when Kitsune pays him a visit. After waking him up, he tells her that he was planning on reconciling the apartment’s books with the rent money he had just collected – because apparently the Hinata Apartments are flat broke!

Kitsune tells Keitaro to go wash his face and wake up before dealing with the finances, and drags him out of the room. After Keitaro is done, he returns to find out that the rent money is missing. After turning his room upside down, Kitsune returns asking him what’s wrong. Once he tells her about the missing rent money, she springs into action, taking on a detective role. Su hops into the room to help Kitsune in her sleuthing.

We’re then treated to the three confronting all of the other residents of the Hinata Apartments, in order to try and find out who did it. After a long series of alibis and confrontations, they sit down for lunch without a clue as to who it could be.

After enough searching and accusations (their pet turtle, Tama-chan, is even suspect at one point), Keitaro’s Aunt Haruka tells Kitsune that enough is enough, and Kitsune fesses up to the crime. In the end, she just wanted to mess with Keitaro after he had just left all of the rent money lying around in his room, unattended.

Kitsune mentions that she had hid the rent money in Keitaro’s wallet when he wasn’t looking – only for Keitaro to realize that his wallet is missing too!

Episode Thoughts

This was a fun and lighthearted episode, and par for the course for Love Hina. The ol’ mystery episode that’s often found in slice of life anime.

I’ll admit, I should have suspected Kitsune all along. I’d like to say that a part of me did, but the episode really tries to take you away from suspecting her with all of the alibis and whatnot going on. Some of the leads though were obviously not the culprit, like the episode tries to frame Naru as a suspect because she is also looking for something that she considers embarrassing. So at certain points she is uncooperative because of that.

The funniest is the turtle accusation. For a split second I thought that could be it! Su brings it up with such conviction. But it only takes a moment to realize that it wouldn’t have been possible for the turtle. Honestly, my top culprit was Aunt Haruka for the most part. I figured that she might have taken the rent envelope in order to teach Keitaro a lesson about leaving it lying around.

Anyways, there were no ecchi tropes in this episode, which was unfortunate. I feel like there were definitely opportunities, but I guess they decided to keep this episode trope-free.

I’m sure there’ll be more ecchi tropes in the future though. I’m also hoping to see more of Kentaro at some point, because he’s a funny character with the potential to spice up some episodes. We’ll just have to see what the next episode brings us!

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