Lynn’s Top 10 Girls of YU-NO

It’s time to look back at one of the shows that helped to springboard this site to where it is now. And what better way than to showcase the ten lovely ladies that made that happen! This is the top 10 girls of YU-NO.

10 Girls Who Chants Love at the Bound of This World!

I was a little late to start YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of This World, but that meant that I got to binge the first seven episodes. Well, after getting through those, there’s no way anyone will stop watching. I mean it! The first episode is fine, but it introduces a lot of girls. Once the story gets going, it is enthralling. So, what better way to celebrate this show than to rank the girls of YU-NO?

YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of This World Episode 9 Ayumi Arima

That’s right, I’ve gathered all the data and can now give you an absolutely conclusive list of my favourite girls from YU-NO. Because of the nature of the show, we get to spend a bit of time with all of them, however, there are some that deserve more time. A lot more time. So, let’s give them it…

#10. Sarah

We didn’t get to see much of Sarah… Well, that’s not entirely true. She was naked for most of it and has a very nice bum, but that’s about all we know. She could have been a contender…

#9. Yu-No

Yu-No was Takuya’s daughter. She was the one that merged with the AI that saved the Earth from Dela Granto. I just found her kind of annoying, especially as she aged at the rate of four years for every year of real-time. Also, she kissed Takuya… her dad…

#8. Kaori Asakura

Kaori was another underutilized character. She was a part of the scheme to frame Takuya’s mother in law and steal some important information. However, she never really got to shine, especially as they decided that Takuya wouldn’t show any interest in her. Seems somewhat unlikely if you know Takuya.

#7. Sayless

Sayless was the mother and Yu-No, a former priestess who would have bonded with the AI, and Takuya’s lover. She was also unable to speak which made her name a little bit ridiculous. Otherwise, she was fine to look at, but mostly underdeveloped.

#6. Amanda

In reality, Amanda is another that should be much higher up the list. However, she fell in love with Takuya at the drop of a hat and became pregnant with his child. She was also sucked through time and never saw Takuya again, although she did give birth to a daughter…

#5. Kanna Hatano

Kanna is Amanda’s daughter and has no idea that Takuya is her father. She also has a much longer lifespan than most humans and has been alive for over fifty years and yet still looks like a teenager. Kanna was a much more interesting character but sadly failed to get a proper ending.

#4. Mitsuki Ichijou

Mitsuki was a tragic character. She was under the control of the evil creature that was pretending to be Ryuuzouji. In every timeline, she was destined to die in a tragic manner and no matter how hard Takuya tried, there was no way to stop it.

#3. Ayumi Arima

Ayumi was Takuya’s stepmother and only guardian once his father disappeared. She was certainly a sexy lady and that’s probably part of the reason that Takuya went through hell trying to save her. She’s worth it though!

#2. Mio Shimazu

Mio was Takuya’s old girlfriend, but she dumped him when she found him sleeping with Mitsuki. She was a great character and I really wish we’d spent more time with her. She could have been the sole love interest in another story.

#1. Eriko Takeda

Eriko is a teacher who wears a corset, fishnet stocking and a garter belt… amazing. She’s also an interdimensional cop who is trying to track down the immortal monster that stole her partner’s body. Eriko was easily my favourite character in the series and is another that deserved to be the star.

YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of This World is a fantastic series with a crazy twisting story. It does suffer from a rushed ending and too many girls to really do them all justice, but the journey makes the whole thing worthwhile. Plus, you get to hang with these lovely ladies. Go on, you know you want to!

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