Lynn’s Top 10 How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift? Scenes!

Recently, I was reflecting on the shows that I’ve watched for Ecchi Hunter and that got me thinking about one of my favourites. So, here are my ten favourite scenes from How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift?

Do you even lift?

There was something special about this series. The friendship between the girls was amazing, their journey through exercise and trying to better themselves was inspiring, and it was hilarious. While it didn’t have a lot of the ecchi staples, it more than made up for it with the exercise technique segments. There were so many great moments that I think I’m going to struggle to narrow it down to just ten, but I’m going to give it a go.

How Heavy Are The Dumbbells You Lift Episode 1 Hibiki Gym Doors Open

I’ll also link back to the episode in question so that you can find exactly what I’m referring to and maybe enjoy some more images from that scene. Seriously, there are a lot of amazing images from this series that I’d recommend flicking through the reviews even if you’ve not seen it. There isn’t really a story to spoil so you don’t have to worry about that. Just enjoy!

#10. Dynamic Stetching

Akemi takes Hibiki to the pool and before they get in, she teaches her all about dynamic stretches as a more effective way to warm up your muscles. Of course, they do this at the side of the pool in their swimwear. Do I need to go on?

#9. Cosplay

One of their teachers, Saotomi joined the gym after having her free introduction with Machio. She soon after discovered that several of her students were members. While she worked out, Hibiki and Akemi spotted an unusual tan line and wondered what caused it. Well, it turns out that Saotomi is also a famous cosplay girl, but will she be able to keep it a secret forever?

#8. Beach Burpees

The girls went to the beach expecting to have some fun, maybe meet a guy, but the beach was closed which means no swimming and no guys. They decided to make the most of it and did burpees on the beach. Burpees and bikinis mean everybody wins!

#7. Sauna Competition

After a good workout, the girls decide to treat themselves to a sauna. Hibiki recently lost a race with Akemi and was keen to get her revenge so they had a contest to see who could stay in the sauna the longest. Uehara and Akemi both gave up quickly and Hibiki looked like she was going to give up too, but then she noticed that Saotomi had passed out some time ago. Hot, hot, hot!

#6. New Year’s Shrine Visit

The girls decided that they should all go and visit a shrine for New year and they may have found the perfect one. This shrine sits at the top of a mountain and has an endless set of stairs to climb to reach the top. Might as well get some more exercise in. They are surprised to see so many muscle-bros climbing with them, but once they reach the top they discover that Machio is the shrine priest! So funny.

#5. Christmas Party

I love how everyone at the Christmas party looked fairly normal, but much like Machio, given the chance to flex, you better believe they will. That chance came after the raffle had been completed and Saotomi won the top prize. All the winners posed for the photo and at the last second, clothes were shredded and muscles flexed. Absolutely hilarious.

#4. Miss Nikunoshima

After travelling to Nikunoshima island to watch the Mr Nikunoshima contest, the girls get roped into competing for the title of Mrs Nikunoshima. Hibiki and Akemi reach the final and have a contest to see who can do the most benchpresses. It promises to be the most epic confrontation in the history of everything… but then, Hibiki can’t even do one as she forgot to eat her lunch in all the excitement. The whole contest was amazing, but the finale blew everything away.

#3. Boxing

When Uehara discovers that Hibiki has joined a gym and is trying to get fit, she invites her to her family’s boxing gym. Hibiki is amazed at the place and the commitment of everyone there. It certainly reminds her of her gym. Uehara asks Hibiki if she would like to have a go and helps her get some gloves on. Then, Hibiki hits the bag and brings the entire gym to a standstill! I loved everyone’s reaction.

#2. Arm- Wrestling Tournament

For the first few episodes, Hibiki had very much been the underdog and played the role of the student next to Akemi who was far more knowledgable. However, when Machio roled out an arm-wrestling table and asked the girls if they would like to try it out ahead of the upcoming tournament, Hibiki emerged. She even forced Machio to use his full strength to beat her. This was just a lot of fun.

#1. Body Building Tournament

The girls were invited by American action-hero, Barnold Shortsinator as his guests of honour as Machio competed in a bodybuilding competition. Machi went last and confidently stepped out on the stage. He took a moment to compose himself and then flexed. The audience watched in wonder as their clothes shredded off their bodies. Even the girls and Barnold experienced the effects of Machio’s awesomeness in the private box. It was hilarious. I laughed a lot in this series, but this was incredible.

After looking through this series again, I think I could have had a top twenty without much trouble. How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift? is a great series with lots of humour and even some educational moments. If you watch it and aren’t inspired to do something to better yourself then I don’t know what’s going on at all anymore. That said, you can absolutely watch it and just enjoy the jokes or the girls’ friendship. Anyhow, thanks for reading.

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