Lynn’s Top 10 Why the hell are you here, Teacher!? Scenes!

It’s been a while since Why the hell are you here, Teacher!? graced us with its presence. I have fond memories of the series, especially as it was the first series reviewed here. So, let’s look back at the top ten scenes!

Why the hell are you here!?

Like I said, Why the hell are you here, Teacher!? was the first series we started reviewing on Ecchi Hunter. It really gave us the boost we needed and helped to kick things off. It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come since then. The review of episode one continues to be our most viewed post with almost forty-thousand views. As of yet, I haven’t been able to get hold of the uncensored version so that I can revisit the series, but it’s something I will do when the opportunity presents itself.

Why The Hell Are You Here Teacher Episode 1 Sato

So, in recognition of the impact this series has made on our lives at Ecchi Hunter, I’m going to rank my top ten scenes in Why the hell are you here, Teacher!? I’ll also link each scene back to the episode in question so that you can quickly find what you’re looking for. Anyhow, let’s get into it.

#10. School Festival

In an attempt to be able to be around Suzuki, Matsukaze dressed as a student for the School Festival, mush to Suzuki’s shock. Of course, Hazahura noticed an put Matsukaze in handcuffs. She then forced, her and Suzuki into a cupboard where she had hidden the keys. Things just got crazy from there on!

#9. Restaurant

Why The Hell Are You Here Teacher Episode 10 Tachibana's Covered In Oil
Source – Episode 10

Koh has a job at a restaurant and was moving a vat of oil from the kitchen when he bumped into school nurse, Chizuru Tachibana. She was covered in oil. However, the real surprise came when she simply stripped out of the wet clothes in front of Koh! His life would never be the same again…

#8. Christmas

When Tachibana learned that Koh would be alone for Christmas, she invited him over to her house. As if that wasn’t weird enough, she was dressed as Santa, videoed the entire thing, soaked her panties in champagne and then accidentally gave them to Koh as a present…

#7. The Beach

Why The Hell Are You Here Teacher Episode 4 Kojima Embarrassed
Source – Episode 4

Sato was invited to the wedding of a family friend and since his father couldn’t attend, his mother invited Kojima, which gave her more chances to force them together. One of these chances appeared when they all went to the beach and Sato’s mother promptly ran away with his little sister. Things got awkward when Kojima was bitten by something on her inner thigh… It might be something poisonous so Sato will need to try to suck out the poison… on her inner, inner thigh…

#6. Valentine’s Day

Koh was trying to move things on with Tachibana and when they both got snowed in at the school on Valentine’s Day it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Things got a little hot as they huddled around a heater for warmth. Almost too hot!

#5. Lingerie Shopping

Hazakura is the sports teacher who lives next door to Takashi. They’ve known each other for years and things start to take an odd turn after an awkward encounter between the two. In order to pay him back for it, Hazakura takes him to the lingerie department where she knows he’ll be uncomfortable. To make it even worse, she asks him to pick something out for her to try on. He panics and grabs the closes set, which makes things even more embarrassing.

#4. The Train

Why The Hell Are You Here Teacher Episode 5 Matuskaze Trapped Against The Train Door Boobs
Source – Episode 5

Matsukaze hurried to return Suzuki his commuter pass that was inside his sweater he leant her and gets stuck on the train with him. It’s tightly packed and as he tries to protect her, it just escalates from there, ending up with Matsukaze’s boobs pressed up against the window as they hurtle along the tracks!

#3. The Laundrette

To escape the rain, Sato ducks into a laundrette and find Kojima sitting there, her blouse soaked through. He attempts to help her dry her clothes, even offering his own shirt for her to cover herself, but things just get awkward. Also, see-through wet-shirt! Amazing!

#2. The Sea

Why The Hell Are You Here Teacher Episode 11 Tachibana Bikini Cleavage
Source – Episode 11

After taking Koh on a weekend get-a-way, Tachibana fell in the sea. Koh was quick to jump in after her and help her climb out. However, when she fell in her bikini bottoms came off. Something Koh didn’t realise until he was trying to lift her out. He never saw it coming!

#1. Nurse’s Room

Sato tried to skip class by visiting the nurse’s room. However, once there he found Kojima who was suffering from a fever. It was so bad, she was almost delirious. Sato needed to help her and searched for some medicine. The only medicine he found was in the form of a suppository… With no other options, she told him to do it… blindfolded, of course… that obviously lead to even more awkwardness.

I really enjoyed watching and reviewing this series. Sure, the censorship was a huge pain and I really need to up my efforts to find the full version, but even then, it was still hotter than hell. They’re shorter episodes, so if you haven’t seen it yet, you can easily fit the entire series into an afternoon. That sounds like a great idea. Anyhow, thanks for checking out this top ten list.

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