Magical Sempai (Episode 10) – Beach, Swimsuits, Fireworks!

Magical Sempai is continuing on with their promise of a beach episode, by treating us with a beach episode! And what a beach episode it was. Did I mention this was a beach episode?

Last episode, we got to see Sempai and Saki try on some swimsuits in anticipation of going to the beach, but we never got to see the beach. Luckily, the reason for that was because they wanted to treat us to a full-length beach episode! Featuring another pair of swimsuits for Sempai and Saki too.

In this episode we get the classic “bikini tops lost in the water” conundrum for Sempai and Saki, we get a blindfolded watermelon smash, and we get fireworks, sort of. All of that in addition to some smaller gags as well as shots of the magic club doing beach activities, and Sempai + Saki in their swimsuits.

All around, this was a great episode. To be honest, I’d say this was one of the better beach episodes I’ve seen in anime. Magical Sempai’s format just works so well for a beach episode.

Lots of highlights this week, so let’s get right to them!

Ecchi Highlights

Magic Club At The Beach!

Missing Bikini Tops

Madara At The Beach

Watermelon Smash


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