Magical Sempai (Episode 3) – Sempai Has a Sister?

Once again we are treated to more of Magical Sempai, and jokes at her expense. We also meet a new character this time around!

Magical Sempai and Assistant-kun head to the faculty office in order to register the magic club (apparently you only need two people to form a club at this school?). On the way we find out that Magical Sempai is a little uncomfortable going to the faculty office, because it turns out that her sister is a teacher.

And just like Magical Sempai, this teacher is a total airhead. One that knows exactly how to get under Magical Sempai’s skin. Just as you’d expect from her sister!

In addition to meeting Magical Sempai’s sister, we are treated to the usual magic trick antics in the clubroom, as well as an expedition outside after one magic trick in particular goes wrong.

To be honest, this episode felt a little lacking compared to the previous two, both in terms of comedy and ecchi content. While I still found it enjoyable and laughed at times, there were many scenes that felt lackluster.

In the end though, Magical Sempai is such a fun character, and even if this episode wasn’t the best, it was still a fun experience. Considering it’s only 12 minutes, I’d say it’s still time well spent!

Ecchi Highlights

Meeting Magical Sempai’s Big Sister!

Fun In The Clubroom

Magical Sempai’s Unzipped Skirt + Realization

Magical Sempai Goes Outside

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