Magical Sempai (Episode 9) – The Swimsuit Episode

This week Magical Sempai treated us with swimsuits, and I’m not going to beat around the bush, this is the swimsuit episode! If you thought that Sempai’s school swimsuit was good, then just wait till you see her (and Saki) in some other swimsuits!

Just in case you missed it, I’ll write it out once again. This episode features some excellent ecchi content, with the star definitely being Sempai and Saki in various swimsuits.

There were some other scenes, but to be honest, the comedy wasn’t quite up to par this episode. The jokes were entertaining, and I enjoyed some in particular. But the real star of this episode was the fan service. Which means you’re all in for a treat, as I’ve gathered the best of the episode right here for you to see!

In summary though, there was a game involving secrets in envelopes, a game involving numbers prior to a make-up exam, and then the decision to go to the beach on a hot day – but not before going swimsuit shopping! We never even saw the beach this episode, so maybe we’ll get some beach action next episode? One can only hope.

Ecchi Highlights

Secret Game

Make-up Exam

Summer Swimsuit Shopping

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