Magical Sempai (Episode 1) – Stumbling Upon Something Magical

It’s time for one of the Summer 2019 Anime Ecchi titles – Magical Sempai, also called Tejina-senpai! And I have to say, there is definitely some “magic” in this show!

Meeting Sempai

Our nameless protagonist is a boy who has to join a club as a result of school policy. While walking around trying to decide, he happens to walk past the Fun Magic Club. He peeks inside, and meets the lovely and incompetent magician – Magical Sempai, in the middle of a card trick!

She immediately turns beet red, and proceeds to puke in a bucket. It seems that stage fright has overtaken her! After calming down, Magical Sempai begins to attempt to perform various magic tricks, which all end in comedic situations, as well as some ecchi situations!

After that fated meeting, it seems Magical Sempai has taken a liking to the protagonist, as she begins to call him out in many instances afterwards, in order to have him assist in her tricks or so that she can show off her tricks to him.

Episode Thoughts

I wasn’t sure what to expect with Magical Sempai, other than magic tricks. Episode 1 managed to really impress me though, with some hilarious comedy right out of the gate! While the episode was only half-length, which is unfortunate, it managed to deliver some excellent gags. And for the anime to feature fan service in addition, well that’s the icing on top!

Considering I LOVE gag based comedy anime that consists of several short gags, instead of one long gag, this anime is looking very promising to me. This first episode contained four self-contained scenes, each delivering an enjoyable experience.

Magical Sempai herself is a funny character with great potential. A completely incompetent magician who seems to fail most of her tricks, but also happens to have a whole lot of confidence to attempt to perform them in the first place! Plus she’s perfect for getting into ecchi situations, the highlights of which you can find further in this post.

It’s going to be a lot of fun following Magical Sempai this summer!

Ecchi Highlights

Meeting Magical Sempai

Sempai Gets A Little Tied Up

An Unfortunate Spill

Highlights from the ED

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  1. I just watched this one and couldn’t stop laughing. Loved it when she was getting jealous of his magic tricks. This one’s a keeper for sure.

    • Haha yeah I knew from the moment we first saw her that she was going to be something special!

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