Magical Sempai (Episode 11) – Secret Rendezvous

Magical Sempai continues to deliver a fun experience both inside and outside the club room in episode 11! It’s unfortunate that we only have one episode to go after this. We’ll have to treasure these moments while we still can!

In this episode we get to see Sempai’s sweaty hands, Saki’s unconditional love for her brother, and Sempai’s boyfriend?! Plenty of great moments to be had as the series winds down in its second-to-last episode. Alright, I wouldn’t say this episode is winding down per se, but we’ve only got one episode left after this, and I for one will be sad to see it end.

I thought this episode was enjoyable. Not as good as the last two, which featured a lot of excellent ecchi content and funny gags, but it was on par with most of the episodes this season. To be fair, it’s hard to compete with a beach episode or Sempai + Saki in a swimsuit.

While I’d say the gags were good, unfortunately we didn’t get too much ecchi this time around. Perhaps the ecchi content was exhausted last episode… but let’s hope they still have some ecchi awaiting for us in the final episode!

Oh and I guess I should just clear up that Sempai doesn’t have a boyfriend, it’s all a big misunderstanding, as you’d expect. Ma-kun in particular is really funny as they tail Sempai around town though, coming up with scenarios for Sempai.

Ecchi Highlights

Sempai’s Ball Trick / Sweaty Hands

Saki’s Puppets

Sempai Has A Boyfriend?!

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