Magical Sempai (Episode 12) – A Grand Finale

We’ve made it to the final week of Magical Sempai, and we’re going to miss the amazing mix of comedy and ecchi that this show had to offer. Luckily, Sempai has treated us with one last moment of glorious fan service here!

While the episode itself wasn’t structured in any way that indicates this is the final episode, which makes me hope for more Sempai in the future, it is the final episode of this season. And Sempai sent us off in a bunny suit, which is the PERFECT outfit for her!

But I’m getting ahead of myself.. We had four skits prior to the climactic ending. First the magic club learned how to make balloon animals, then Sempai managed to “disappear”! Then everyone hung out in the chemistry club, and then Sempai tried to perform tricks while Assistant-kun was sleeping.

Finally, Sempai decided that she could overcome her stage fright by wearing an embarrassing costume while performing – the magnificent bunny suit. And wouldn’t you know it, she managed to perform her tricks perfectly! Turns out when we have something much more important to look at, Sempai’s slight of hand ability is vastly improved.

Which makes for a funny and ironic ending, that Sempai finally is able to properly perform a couple magic tricks… all it took was two big distractions.

Speaking of which, let’s get right to the fun part with some highlights from Magical Sempai’s final episode. We’re going to miss Sempai, but hopefully we get to see more of her and the magic club soon!

Ecchi Highlights

Balloon Fun

Disappearing Sempai

Science Rules!

Quiet Sempai

The Grand Finale

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