Magical Sempai (Episode 2) – Joining the Magic Club

The magical antics continue in this week’s episode of Magical Sempai, featuring spoons, money, a stuffed animal, and more!

That’s right, Sempai is back to screw up more magic tricks! And not complicated ones either. It’s back to basics for Sempai, but even the basics are proving to be quite the challenge. But that won’t stop her from trying! And treating us with some nice fan service…!

Aside from the antics, our protagonist has decided to join the magic club of his own volition. Turns out it wasn’t even a registered club, until now! Once again, I have to stress that this was his own decision…

Overall, Magical Sempai is proving to be an excellent anime, full of great jokes and ecchi moments. If you are still on the fence about this one, I would encourage you to give it a watch. It’s just a fun experience all around, and so far one of the best anime of the season in my opinion. You can’t go wrong with this anime and it’s short-but-sweet 12 minute episodes!

While I’ve tried not to spoil too many of the jokes, I will spoil the ecchi content for you here, because that’s what we do on this website!

Ecchi Highlights

While there wasn’t as much as last week, there were still some great moments in this episode. Magical Sempai’s chest alone is big enough that her very existence is fan service!


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  1. I’m loving this show and a little jealous that you get to cover it. That said I can just enjoy it without worrying about reviews and screenshots.

    I was laughing from start to finish. If only it were longer than 12 minutes!

    • Haha, that would make us even then, because I keep seeing all these images of Mio from YU NO and I feel the same way. Can’t wait to binge that anime.

  2. Magical Sempai is that wonderful kind of character who can only exist in anime, and I love it.

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