Magical Sempai (Episode 4) – Now Accepting New Members

Magical Sempai and Assistant-kun are up to the usual.. until Sensei appears to tell them that their club registration was denied due to not having enough members! How will Magical Sempai handle the situation?

So it seems I was right last episode, and two people are simply not enough to register a club. Assistant-kun accepts the news and decides that it’s time to move on and try to find another club. Magical Sempai is having none of it though, and stalks Assistant-kun during his search, continuously trying to convince him to stick with her in the unregistered magic club.

In this episode we discover that Magical Sempai is a great runner, is still not a good magician, and despite her situation would rather continue to perform magic tricks than seriously try and recruit new members!

In the end, Assistant-kun joins the chemistry club next door in name only, as joining a club is required at this school, and will continue to hang out with Magical Sempai.

This episode didn’t have the same comedic punch that the first two had, with my favourite moment being the swords magic trick (for ecchi reasons). That said, I believe that we’re going to be seeing more of the chemistry club president in future episodes, as she is right next door to the room where all of Magical Sempai’s antics take place.

I’ll repeat myself again from last post though in that I think at 12 minutes, this was a good episode. Even if it didn’t have me breaking out in laughter, it’s still fun to watch and I think this series has great potential for some seriously comedic moments in the future.

Ecchi Highlights

Magic Tricks + Sensei’s News

Club Hunt + Sempai’s Track Prowess

The Sword Trick

Sempai Gets Wet

Chemistry Club President

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