Magical Sempai (Episode 5) – Misunderstandings

Now that Assistant-kun is safely part of a club, the magical fun can continue. I suppose we’ll just gloss over the fact that Sempai isn’t a part of an official club and that the magic club was never actually registered…!

This time around we are treated to.. more magic tricks!

What kind? Well, there’s a dislocated head, some clothing swaps, actual science, hiding in a box, panties.. and some other tricks here and there.

We also got to see more of the chemistry club leader, whose name is Madara. She showed Assistant-kun a couple science “tricks”, and after seeing him getting interested, she started to get excited about it. It was fun to see and probably my favourite moment from the episode, watching Madara get worked up over science. Plus we got a nice view of her panties.

There was also a fun scene where Sempai hid in a box and Assistant-kun entered the room and sat on the lid. He then picked up the plushy weasel and mentioned how he loved it, causing Sempai to think he was talking about her. She ended up clearing things up after inviting him to her house, but it was a fun little misunderstanding.

This was a great episode, and I’d put it up there with the first two in terms of comedy and quality. I really enjoyed it and it felt like it had a great balance of ecchi and comedy, which I feel like is the key to this series’ success.

Ecchi Highlights

Costume Change!

Science With Madara-san!

Senpai In A Box.. Again!

At Sempai’s House

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