Magical Sempai (Episode 6) – Battle of the Breasts

Magical Sempai is back this week with a very interesting development… a pair of new club members! And one of these new members just happens to possess a chest that rivals Sempai’s!

Assistant-kun is minding his own business in the magic club, holding the ferret toy that he loves so much, when a strange well-endowed girl appears. He asks her if she is interested in joining the club, only for her to reveal that she has shown up to hijack the magic club and turn it into the street performance club!

Shortly after we learn that she is madly in love with her younger brother, who ends up being a very plain looking overweight kid. In order to sell street performance, the two siblings perform some tricks. First, Ma-kun, the brother, attempts to make a puppy out of a balloon and it pops in his hands. Then, Gyaru-senpai, the sister, inflates a giant balloon and has it envelop her body before breaking out – only things went a bit wrong as her skirt came off in the process.

Sempai and Assistant-kun then proceed to counter with a magic show that goes horribly, as usual. The two girls argue over the name of the club until Sensei arrives and has the issue be resolved through a competition – whoever has the heavier breasts wins. And Sempai ends up winning.

The episode also features some hypnotism, where we find out that it’s extremely easy to hypnotize Sempai…

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Overall, this was an excellent episode. There wasn’t a dull moment this time around, with the introduction of a new pair of characters as well as a new rivalry between Sempai and Gyaru-senpai, which I’m sure will continue to provide us with some great moments in the future.

I also enjoyed the dynamic between Gyaru-senpai and Ma-kun. She’s completely infatuated with him, and he doesn’t hesitate to tell her off. A very one-sided love, although I don’t think Ma-kun dislikes his sister. He’s probably just sick of her doting on him all the time.

There were plenty of comedic and ecchi moments this time around, and juggling the two is what Magical Sempai does best. This was an episode that I can say really allowed the “Magical Sempai formula” to shine!

Ecchi Highlights

She’s Come to Hijack the Magic Club!

Street Performance at it’s Best

Magic Show Blunders

Battle of the Breasts

Hypnotism Hijinks:

Bottle Voodoo Doll

Convinced She’s at a Hot Springs

Sempai is a Cat

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  1. Didn’t expect the gal character to be a bro-con lol.

    • It’s a weird dynamic to throw on a gyaru haha.
      What’s more bizarre is that she gushes over him despite his size.. normally gyarus are very superficial and only go for delinquent / muscular guys…

      Magical Sempai doing its own thing once again.

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