Magical Sempai (Episode 7) – Sempai’s Stage Fright

Double the club members means double the fun, right? Well, it’s certainly looking that way with this episode of Magical Sempai!

This episode was comprised of several funny skits and no real overarching premise, so here’s a brief description of what happens:

Gyaru-senpai, who I’ve learned this episode is also called Saki-san, bakes cookies for Ma-kun in class, but they didn’t turn out so well. So she turns to Sempai for help!

Also, Sempai is given the club’s first official funds! The only problem is, they didn’t get very much… So the club hits the streets to raise some funds. Sempai puts on a “statuesque” performance.

The school pool is officially opened, which means Sempai can finally showcase her “escape from underwater” trick! The only problem is, she’ll probably drown. So Assistant-kun loosely binds her hands with some string that will hopefully make the trick easier…

And finally, Assistant-kun approaches Sempai about her stage fright. They test her performing magic tricks for a cookie, a bug, a balloon, and more. Unfortunately in the end it doesn’t seem like her stage fright will be going away any time soon!

This was actually an amazing episode of Magical Sempai! Very funny and enjoyable, but with that added fan service of course. I think that the extra characters have helped to bring some more variety Magical Sempai and open up the doors for many more jokes. Of course the scenes between just Sempai and Assistant-kun are excellent as well.

This anime is still going strong, and that’s great!
The episodes are only 12 minutes, so if you have the time you should definitely check them out!

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