Magical Sempai (Episode 8) – The Magic Club’s First Gig!

The magic club is going places in this exciting episode of Magical Sempai, with their first official gig! And it’s all thanks to their new website…

That’s right, this episode of Magical Sempai is packed full of fun moments and some great ecchi!

First, the magic club works to try and unravel the mystery behind a Chinese magic trick involving switching masks. Then Sempai tries her new “mentalist” abilities on Assistant-kun. Sempai introduces the club to a new website that she has created, and undergoes several revisions courtesy of Saki. Finally, the magic club performs their first gig outside the school at a daycare centre!

A lot happened this episode, and it was also hilarious. While some episodes of Magical Sempai have been a little lackluster, this was most definitely one of the better episodes, if not the best so far!

The website scene in particular was excellent, but it was also very fun watching Sempai perform in front of a group of children who were too young to really understand what was happening – the perfect audience for Sempai. It felt like she really gained some confidence in this episode. Maybe she can work her way up to people her own age this way?

Anyways, as I’ve said before, you should really check out Magical Sempai if you’re in for some comedy, because the jokes are just something that don’t translate well into written form. If you’re just here for the ecchi, I’ve got you covered!

Ecchi Highlights

Chinese Trickery

Many Mikans

Sempai’s Mentalist Attempts

The Magical Club’s New Website

The Magic Club’s First Gig

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