Magical Sempai (Season One)

The Summer 2019 season has come to an end, and with it Magical Sempai. An anime that most definitely stands out from the season and delivered a great viewing experience. Which means it’s now time for a review!

Magical Sempai Cape

Magical Sempai / Tejina Senpai

Magical Sempai is a series of 12 minute episodes that aired during the Summer 2019 season. Featuring Sempai, a big breasted and clumsy girl who absolutely loves magic but can’t perform in front of others for the life of her, Magical Sempai is a very fun mix of comedy and ecchi content. Each episode contains several short gags that flow very nicely. No joke feels overdone, and even if one joke misses the mark, there’s a good chance the next one won’t.

The show begins with just two major characters – Sempai, and Assistant-kun. Together these two comprise the magic club, with episodes generally involving Assistant-kun sitting around in the clubroom while Sempai tries her best to perform magic tricks. Later on we are introduced to two more major characters, Saki and Ma-kun, who help freshen up the scene in addition to some other side characters. Overall, it’s a simple cast and it works very well for the short gags we get in the show.

The art style is very “ahe gao”, which I’ll use as an adjective here. Sempai (and Saki) often sport some very exaggerated faces, which lends to the ecchi side of the anime. It also works with the style of comedy we get, which often results in ecchi situations from failed magic tricks.

As this is a comedy anime, there’s not too much else I can say without spoiling the jokes themselves. So instead let’s just move onto the eye candy with some highlights from the series.

Highlights from the Series

Magical Sempai Trapped Panties
Magical Sempai Saki Topless

Series Rating

Story / Characters Rating – Good

Overall, Magical Sempai is more enjoyable than not. Almost every episode is likely to garner some laughs. However, not every skit hits the mark and as a result some episodes don’t work as well as others. Still, the show does well enough to earn a “Good” rating.

Ecchi Rating – Hot

The amount of ecchi content in Magical Sempai varies on an episodic basis, with some episodes featuring plenty of fan service and others offering much less. I’d say the lack of consistency here is the main factor preventing Magical Sempai from achieving the best possible ecchi rating, as when we do get ecchi content, it’s generally quite good!

In Conclusion…

Magical Sempai is a great comedy featuring some great fan service. While there is definitely some variance between episodes in regards to comedy and ecchi, with each episode at only 12 minutes this show is well worth the watch and not a huge time commitment. If you’re a fan of comedy, Magical Sempai might be an anime you’d be interested in!

Episodes From The Series

As we’ve been covering Magical Sempai from Day 1, feel free to check out our episodic posts on the show featuring more highlights from each episode!

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