Maou-sama, Retry! (Episode 1) – Another Demon Lord Anime?

Infinity Game, a fantasy game run by a man named Akira Oono, has lived a long life at 15 years. It’s finally time for him to shut it down for good. One final goodbye to his character – the Demon Lord Hakuto Kunai. Or so he thought!

Demon Lord From Another World?

Hold on, I thought Lynn was covering this anime?

Well, it turns out there’s another demon lord anime on the books for this Summer 2019 anime season – Maou-sama, Retry! (Also known as Demon Lord, Retry!). While I wasn’t sure if this was going to have much fan service or not, seeing all of the anime girls on the posters for this anime was enough for me to decide that it was an anime worth following here on EcchiHunter.

In this episode, our protagonist shuts down his own creation, Infinity Game, after 15 years. But then he soon finds himself waking up in an unknown land, and as his character the Demon Lord Hakuto Kunai to boot!

Before he can fully grasp his situation, a girl who looks an awful lot like a blonde Rem from Re:Zero bursts through the brush, chased by a demon. Kunai defeats the demon, and lets the girl bathe. We find out her name is Aku (means “Evil” in Japanese). Kunai then takes Aku with him to the place where the demon came from, as he is interested in farming more demons for experience.

He enters a cave called the Shrine of Wishes, and finds a talking statue with a demonic appearance. He wishes to return to his world, but the statue says that is impossible because his appearance in this world was due to someone else’s wish. The statue then puts an edgy looking skull ring on his finger that he is unable to take off, and disintegrates.

Kunai goes with Aku to her home village, where she was cast out as a sacrifice for the demon Kunai defeated earlier. The villagers begin to berate and throw stones at Aku, causing Kunai to lose his temper and throw a flaming knife at a house, starting a large blaze in the village.

The episode ends with Kunai and Aku on their way to the Holy Capital, as part of his quest to find more information.

Episode Thoughts

Hmm, well it’s another isekai anime, isn’t it? Personally, I really like isekai anime, but I will admit that the novelty is not quite as fresh as it used to be.

That said, I think this series has some potential. One of my hangups with some other isekai anime featuring an overpowered protagonist is that they are often too nice, and I was starting to get that vibe here too. But then Kunai goes and torches a village, making me wonder what sort of character he will end up becoming.

Also, the edgy skull ring he is wearing spoke to him, telling him that it was a fiend that has purged over 4 million people. But then it accuses Kunai of being worse, because he created Infinity Game, which I suppose had a lot of suffering in it, even if it was just a game. He resists the ring, but I’m sure it’ll continue to try and persuade Kunai to do evil acts in the future, adding some moral tension of sorts to the series.

One final event of interest is something that actually happened early on, when he was being transported to this new world. A voice spoke to him and said “the midnight bell is always the tone which signals the starting of “you””. Maybe this just has something to do with the fact that he shut down Infinity Game at midnight, or maybe we’ll see some sort of midnight interaction in this new world he is in.

Overall, I think that there are some elements to this anime that show promise. The main character is interesting, even if a bit cliche, and while it seems fairly standard as far as isekai anime go, there seem to be some intriguing elements that I’m curious to see more of. Like that evil ring. I also wonder what the “Retry” portion of the anime’s name has to do with all of this?

I’m sure we’ll find out more next episode!

Episode Highlights

Meeting Aku

Kunai Fights A Demon

The Edgy Skull Ring

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