Maou-sama, Retry! (Episode 6) – Demon Lord Diplomacy

Having arrived at the capital, Kunai and friends visit a classy restaurant to celebrate Aku’s healed injury. While there, Kunai puts some plans into motion in order to improve his reputation..

Turmoil in the Capital

Once again, the episode opens up with the adventurer’s tavern. We meet two new characters, the S-ranked Organ and Mink. While we don’t learn too much about them, we do see them take an interest in the bounty placed upon Kunai’s head.

Afterwards, we get to the first part of the episode – dining at the upscale restaurant. One of Luna’s favourite places to eat in the capital, the group orders a feast and toasts to celebrate Aku’s healed leg. Kunai also creates a strawberry tart to treat the girls with. After they have finished eating, a very wealthy woman named Shrimpfry Butterfly approaches them. Kunai uses this opportunity to tell her about his business plans in the village from last episode.

The dinner party is interrupted by news that satanists are attacking the city, just as they had said they would last episode. Kunai leaves Yu to watch over the others and heads out to deal with the trouble – he is trying to improve his reputation, after all. He arrives to find Mikan and Yukikaze fighting satanists but soon becoming overwhelmed. He defeats the satanists with little to no effort, causing them to summon a demon, which Kunai also defeats.

The episode ends very shortly afterwards.

Episode Thoughts

Something I’ve noticed about Maou-sama is that the episodes are usually split up into several parts. This episode was split into the restaurant, and the satanists attack. And it’s odd because while it doesn’t feel like very much happened, the episode went by very quickly for me. I really enjoyed it regardless of the fact that a lot of time was spent just watching Kunai and friends at a restaurant.

I suppose I just like the world that the anime has created and the characters in it – I want to see more interactions between Kunai and other characters. Now that everyone has been talking about Zero Kirisame for several episodes, I’m especially looking forward to people encountering him as well. These characters have just generated enough infamy that I look forward to any and all interactions they have with the people of this world.

Seeing those two S-ranked adventurers was interesting too, and will surely only serve to create another fun interaction with Kunai.

Overall, I’m just really enjoying this series.

Episode Highlights

S-Ranked Adventurers, Organ & Mink

The Dinner + Shrimpfry Butterfly

Satanist Attack

Mikan & Yukikaze

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