Maou-sama, Retry! (Episode 7) – Power of the Dragon

Despite Kunai defeating a devil, the attacks on the holy capital aren’t over yet! Various enemies still conspire and work towards its destruction!

All or Nothing

The anime opens with the satanist leader telling a girl to bring Hades to the satanists at the holy castle. Her name is Tron.

In the restaurant where Luna, Aku, and Yu wait for Kunai to return, a clown has been brought in to calm down the guests. This clown is also an assassin for the satanists, there to kill Luna. But before he even gets the slightest opportunity, Yu uses her dissection ability to remove his arms, before putting them back. She whispers in his ear that she could smell the poison in his pocket, and that if she ever saw him again, she would slice him up.

Meanwhile in the city monsters of all sorts are attacking – skeletons, zombies, et cetera. Killer Queen and her burly partner are out fighting the monsters. A group of satanists sacrifice themselves in order to summon another devil, like the satanists did last episode. They end up summoning a vampire lord called Oriut. Detecting Oriut’s presence, Holy White creates a holy barrier on the city – but Oriut counters with a field of death, that pushes her barrier back to the castle.

Oriut then fights Killer Queen and Mink, the chuuni S-ranked adventurer that we met last episode. He manages to defeat them both. Tron then arrives with Hades and releases it onto the ground in the area where Oriut is. Kunai sees what is going on, and decides it’d be best if he arrived as Zero Kirisame.

Zero Kirisame then appears, and knocks Oriut around. Oriut uses an ability to drain the blood from Tron, but just as she’s on her deathbed Zero saves her using an energy bar (but everyone thinks he used magic). Oriut then transforms into a giant rat creature, and dies to Zero’s attack, called “All or Nothing!”.

Episode Thoughts

This episode was actually packed with action, almost from start to finish. After the clown scene, which was comedic because Yu is pretty badass, the episode was mostly action. Which I think was great, because we’ve had a couple slower episodes recently. In addition, this episode bounced around to different characters much more than in previous episodes, making it feel like more happened.

In terms of developments, I see two major factors going into next episode.

First is the appearance of Zero once again, the famed dragonkin. And this time, Holy White has witnessed him too. So we’ll have to see how everyone reacts and treats Zero next episode. Perhaps he will sneak away and change back into Kunai before anyone has a chance to flag him down, considering the rest of his party are still waiting at that restaurant.

The second factor is Tron, the half-demon girl who was almost killed by Oriut and then saved by Zero. Will she go back to the satanists, or will she end up joining Kunai’s party somehow? This episode seemed to try to frame her in a way that I think she’ll end up joining Kunai’s party. Essentially she was portrayed as a girl who had been abandoned by everyone around her, and was treated like garbage, even by the satanists.

Overall, this was a pretty good episode. Lot of action and some interesting developments. It was great to see Zero once again too. We didn’t get too much of Killer Queen’s reactions to him, so hopefully we get some of that next episode because I still think it’s a hilarious bit.

Episode Highlights

Tron: The Half Demon Girl

Clown Assassin vs. Yu

Mink & Organ (S-Rank Adventurers)

Some Zombie Girls

Oriut Summoned, Holy White Reacts

Oriut vs. Killer Queen + Mink

Zero Kirisame vs. Oriut + Tron Saved

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