Maou-sama, Retry! (Episode 10) – A Grand Tour

Carrying on from last episode, we follow Madam Shrimpfry Butterfly as she tours the various baths that Kunai’s hot springs has to offer. That and a few other scenes. Is Maou-sama, Retry! turning into an isekai slice of life?

Madam Roars

The episode begins with a flashback featuring Luna, who apparently grew up impoverished. But because of her innate magical powers, she was slated to become a holy maiden. By the time she was old enough to be granted the title of holy maiden, her close friend who she had wanted to be her servant was killed due to being a demihuman.

After that, Luna wakes up to Kunai’s voice in her head. She meets with Kunai and the Madam, and proceeds to go through the various baths and whatnot with Madam Butterfly.

We then get a short scene where Angel White has found out that the Madam had gone to Rabby Village. She’s angry because this means that the Madam has “gone over to the demon lord’s side”. Killer Queen doesn’t really care, and ends up gushing over Zero some more.

After that is a scene between Yu and Tahara, where we learn that Tahara is planning to redevelop the bunny village into different sections / districts. Yu then gives Kunai a checkup, but she ends up daydreaming and fawning over him. He ends up leaving.

Tron flies in on Kunai in the bath. He then removes her from the bath, and goes to bed. Aku joins him, and then Luna pops her head in and ends up joining both of them as well.

Episode Thoughts

I’m not entirely sure what to say about this one folks. The whole premise of “demon lord in another world” seems to have been shelved in favour of showing off this hot springs resort. There wasn’t really anything interesting this time around. It’s almost as if nothing happened.

I guess the implications are that the Madam is going to help fund Kunai’s transformation of the village, or something like this. But I’m not sure an entire episode was required for us to see that. Plus, I can’t help but wonder where exactly this show is trying to go?

There’s no real end goal or direction anymore. Remember that evil ring that was placed on Kunai’s finger that would try to force him to kill people? We haven’t seen that in a long time now. What was the deal with that deity that gave him the ring? Why was he summoned to this world? It’s like the show has forgotten about all of this.

All I can say is that this episode felt very empty, and I’m just not sure where we are going from here. We can only wait and see.

Episode Highlights

The Bath Tour

Angel White & Killer Queen

Yu & Tahara, Yu & Kunai

Tron & Bed

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