Maou-sama, Retry! (Episode 11) – Morning Drinks

Maou-sama, Retry! has really dialed back on the action, instead giving us some very slow paced, almost slice of life esque content. That said, it wasn’t all bad this week, which featured a lot of the entertaining adventurer Yukikaze.

Yukikaze Attacks

Kunai sneaks out of Rabby village to check out the adventurers guild in the city. However, he never makes it there, as he runs into Yukikaze and Mikan on the way. When he mentions that he was looking for some information, Yukikaze tempts him to go with them to a nearby tavern for some drinks, and promising to give Kunai all the answers he needs.

We are then treated to a fairly lengthy scene featuring Yukikaze making lewd comments / clinging to Kunai while Mikan fills Kunai in on how equipment drops, dungeons, etc. work in this world. Kunai decides that he will head north in order to check out some dungeons himself, looking for some magic resistant gear. He agrees to let Yukikaze accompany him.

Meanwhile, Angel White still thinks that Kunai is using some sort of magic to deceive Luna into being with him. She teleports to Rabby village and ends up getting roped into working by Tahara, before running into Luna. Luna gets pulled away for some job, and has the bunnies guide Angel White to the baths. She accidentally goes into the mens bath, but there are no men there.

The episode ends with Angel White opening a door and gasping.

Episode Thoughts

You know, maybe I’ve had it wrong all along in regards to Maou-sama, Retry!. I sort of figured that a demon lord isekai anime would be more in line with typical isekai / fantasy stories, but maybe it really is supposed to be more like a slice of life. It’s hard to say, but when over half of the episode is spent on Kunai going to a tavern, they really aren’t accomplishing much in the time they have to work with.

The episode was decent enough. I think Yukikaze is a fun character with the potential for some interesting moments, although sometimes the lewd jokes fall flat. Ever since we met Yu, who apparently has a fetish for little boys, I was hoping that she would meet Yukikaze at some point. Maybe it’ll actually happen at this rate.

I’m guessing the episode ended on Angel White walking in on someone in the baths. It’s possible it was Kunai if he somehow teleported back without us knowing, but I also wonder if it’s Tahara. For some reason I have a feeling she’ll end up going for Tahara… Luna has Kunai, Killer Queen has Zero, so it’s only natural they find someone for Angel White to fall for right?

Episode Highlights

Yukikaze, Yukikaze, Yukikaze

Angel White’s Visit

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