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In typical Maou-sama fashion, we’ve got another very slice of life episode where not too much happens. But you know, the plot is slowly chugging along. This time featuring Angel White in the bath!

White Angel and Demon Lord

The episode continues off from last episode, with Angel White walking in on someone in the bath. She had accidentally walked into the men’s bath, which is why she is in this situation. The man in the bath? Kunai, of course. After some embarrassment she settles down a bit and converses with Kunai. There are some funny moments, and most of the scene (which is quite long) is Angel White acting embarrassed while Kunai freaks out in his head but acts composed in person.

Eventually, Kunai gives Angel White an angel’s halo, which she places on her head. As Angel White is preparing to leave, Kunai also uses his magic to teleport her back to the Holy Castle. As in this world only angels can use miracles, Angel White begins to see Kunai in a different light. Considering he also gave her an angel’s halo, she begins to think that he is some form of fallen angel, but in a good way.. like an angel trapped in human form.

Kunai returns to Rabby village and ends up sleeping with Aku, Tron, and Luna sprawled out around him. The next morning he gets up and joins Mikan and Yukikaze for their journey up north to explore some dungeons.

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Episode Thoughts

Yep, not too much happened here. Ever since the attack on the Holy Kingdom several episodes back, the show’s pace has slowed to a crawl. Technically the plot is still moving forward, but it’s definitely taking it’s time.

Still, there were some enjoyable moments this episode. Primarily, the bath scene between Kunai and Angel White. Not only did I find some moments funny, but Angel White has consistently been a great source of a little fan service thanks to her nice chest. The scene probably went on longer than it needed to, but I thought it was a fun scene overall.

Maou-sama, Retry! really does feel like it’s turning into an isekai slice of life, featuring a demon lord as the main character. We’ll just have to keep watching to see if this keeps up, or if the action picks up in the second cour.

Edit – Apparently this was the final episode. Considering how things went, I was sure there would be more… I guess a second cour might not be a thing after all! A very unexpected and passive ending here… This also means you can expect a Maou-sama, Retry! review soon!

Episode Highlights

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