Maou-sama, Retry! (Episode 2) – Encounters With A Holy Maiden

Kunai, Demon Lord in a new world, continues on his journey towards the capital of the local Holy Kingdom with Aku. And trouble awaits on the way!

Golden Luna

After walking for a day, Kunai conjures up a few items to combine in order to create a base camp – a defensive structure that contains basic amenities such as a bed and bath, and can apparently withstand a rocket without any issues. Essentially, it’s an item from Infinity Game, the game that Kunai had created. We can garner from this that Infinity Game was not a fantasy game, but had some sort of modern setting with magic and fantasy elements mixed in.

The next day they continue on their journey towards civilization. We find out that a holy maiden, Luna Elegant, has gotten word of a demon lord and is headed towards Kunai in order to defeat him.

In between the two groups is a third group of bandits. Kunai crosses paths with the bandits first, but they are unable to inflict any damage on him. During their scuffle, Luna and her knights arrive. She fires magic out at the bandits and causes them to retreat. Her knights then attack Kunai, but are unable to inflict any damage to him – he quickly knocks them all aside.

Seeing her knights defeated, Luna loses composure. Kunai then picks her up… and spanks her. He also takes her money.

Kunai and Aku arrive at a nearby market city, and he proceeds to spend Luna’s money on food, clothes for Aku, and a room to stay in. That night, Luna angrily appears and demands that Kunai let her stay with him, because he took her money and she has nowhere to stay. He gives her the money back, and then she stays with him anyways..

The episode ends with an angry looking blonde woman on a chariot going somewhere….

VERY Angry. I wonder who she is?
Ecchi Art Digital Sub

Episode Thoughts

I have two trains of thought for this episode.

First is that from a story perspective, it feels really underwhelming for a holy maiden, supposedly one of the stronger members of the Holy Kingdom (there are only three), to not only lose without any resistance, but to all of the sudden feel comfortable enough around a supposed demon lord that she would stay the night with him.

I just have a hard time believing that this would happen anywhere except for in anime. Not that I’m explicitly complaining about it, it just shatters what little suspension of disbelief I had with this anime.

The second point though is that this isn’t a bad thing, because from an ecchi perspective, it expands the harem. And we got to see Kunai spank Luna, which is probably the closest to fan service we’re going to get in this anime… maybe. If you think about it, spanking is pretty rare in anime, even with all of the ecchi anime out there.

Despite some confrontations, there really was minimal action this episode. But, it’s looking like Luna has already warmed up to Kunai enough that I forsee her joining the harem (this is a harem anime, isn’t it?). And I think Luna will turn out to be a fun character. I look forward to seeing more of her.

Overall, I’d say this wasn’t a bad episode though. Fantasy and isekai anime have to go to extreme lengths to earn my disdain, and Maou-sama, Retry! is still doing all right with me. It’s not amazing, but I’m enjoying it and would like to continue watching it for sure.

Who could say no to that face? Too cute!

Episode Highlights

Base Camp + Aku Bath

The Holy Maiden, Luna Elegant


Luna’s Punishment

Aku’s New Dress

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