Maou-sama, Retry! (Episode 4) – Summon Aide!

Kunai, Aku, and Luna continue on their journey towards the Imperial Capital. On the way they come across a pair of adventurers running from hundreds of sandwolves..

Yu Kirino

The adventurers we saw last episode, Mikan and Yukikaze, are in the desert hunting some sandwolves. We find out that Yukikaze, despite appearances, is a boy. They come across their target, but realize that there are just way too many sandwolves to fight all at once. And so they run.

Meanwhile, Kunai and friends have stopped for a moment so Kunai can have a smoke. He also gave Luna a new outfit to wear so that she doesn’t draw attention to herself while with him. The two adventurers run past Kunai, leaving the task of defeating the sandwolves to him. Naturally he has no trouble doing so, and manages to accumulate a great deal of skill points as a result.

Kunai tells the adventurers to be more considerate of where they lead monsters, and then leaves with his companions in their carriage. Yukikaze in particular seemed very interested in Kunai.

Kunai and friends make another stop sometime later, and Kunai sets up the base camp that he had created a few episodes ago. He then opens his admin console and discovers he has enough skill points to summon one of his 8 aides from Infinity Game. In the end, he opts to summon Yu Kirino, a sadistic mad scientist. He figures her genius mind will be useful.

Yu has an ability called God Hand, which allows her to transform her hand into tools, at least from what we see. Maybe she can transform it into anything she requires for experiments. She injects Aku’s leg with something and heals it, allowing Aku to walk and run once again. Kunai thanks her for doing so, and she begins to develop feelings for Kunai…

Episode Thoughts

This episode can effectively be separated into two parts:

First is the adventurers / sandwolves fight. While it was nice to see Kunai actually use some magic for the first time in a few episodes, it did feel like a fairly bland fight. He basically just shot some abilities out into the sandwolf horde and then they died / ran away. The adventurers seem interesting, and the anime made no qualms in using Yukikaze’s status as a “Girl-like Boy” to make some sexual jokes.

Second was the summoning of Yu Kirino. A sadistic genius who has developed feelings for our demon lord protagonist.. remind anyone of another certain isekai anime? There also seems to have been a bit of a misunderstanding between her and Kunai, because I get the feeling she thinks he is trying to take over this new world.. just like another certain isekai anime.

So Yu Kirino and the concepts behind her aren’t all that original. I still think she’ll end up being a fun addition to the cast. I hope she goes into morally grey territory when it comes to her mad scientist side, as the anime implies she has the tendency to do. Apparently Yu also likes little boys, which leads me to believe she is going to cross paths with Yukikaze at some point.

Overall, this was a fairly average episode I think. Not as entertaining as last episode, but I believe that there are still some more fun moments to come in Maou-sama, Retry!

Episode Highlights

Mikan & Yukikaze

Aku & Luna

Summoning Yu Kirino

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