Maou-sama, Retry! (Episode 5) – Economic Aspirations

Kunai and his party continue on towards the capital.. but on the way they come across a run down village that is a part of Luna’s territory. Territory that Kunai forms plans for..

Merciless Invasion

The episode opens up with the adventurers, Mikan and Yukikaze, drinking at a tavern. Yukikaze continues to be infatuated with Kunai.

We then see a group of cultists meeting about their failure from earlier, when they were defeated by Zero Kirisame, who people are beginning to call the “Dragonkin” because of the dragon attack he used against the cultists. They plan on attacking the capital in order to feed Hades, the shadowy creature that was defeated by Zero a few episodes back.

Finally we get to Kunai and friends. They come across a village that is part of Luna’s territory. She explains that while it’s her jurisdiction, the Church has someone manage the territory for her. Kunai realizes that there is some potential to transform this village into something greater, perhaps to use as a base of his own. The Church representative approaches and Kunai tells him to go and tell the Church that Luna has decided to reign over her own land, that the representative was no longer needed. And so he leaves.

We find out that the village is a race of people called Bunnies, which as you’d expect, are essentially bunny demi-humans. Kunai conjures up an item to permanently fix their well, and he gives them some fertilizer. He also had plans to build a hospital and hot springs to draw people from far away lands to the village.

After this, the anime shifts to the Church, or at least some sort of meeting of officials at the capital. At the head of the table is the last holy maiden, called Angel White. After the meeting Killer Queen enters the room and begins to gush about Zero Kirisame, causing Angel White to wonder what exactly has been going on with her two sisters…

Episode Thoughts

This episode was pretty devoid of action, and seemed more focused on world building. Which is fine by me, because to be honest, even when there is action, it’s not that amazing. The animation is nothing to brag about and I have to imagine that the anime was created on a tight budget. So world building is probably the best type of episode we’re going to get.

And it’s fun to watch Kunai come up with plans for the village, which I’m sure will be bustling with activity soon enough and producing excellent crops. His plan was to make a profit off the hospital and hot springs. Maybe this will end up being one of those situations where this village will rival the capital at some point?

At the very least it’ll be sure to get the Church’s attention, which is probably what Kunai wants.

Finally, I think it was funny to watch Killer Queen continue to gush about Zero Kirisame. Maybe the joke will get old at some point, but I still found it entertaining this episode. A good end to a good episode I think.

Episode Highlights

Mikan & Yukikaze

Kunai & Friends


Angel White & Killer Queen

Killer Queen Gushes Over Zero

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