Maou-sama, Retry! (Episode 8) – Kunai’s Plans Realized

The assault on the holy capital has ended, and Kunai has ended up with plenty more skill points to work with. He decides now is the perfect time to go forward with his previously made plans…

Demon Lord’s Handiwork

After the battle ends, Tron and Killer Queen cling to Zero, the total stud that he is. But the scene abruptly ends with the OP, and we don’t see Zero afterwards. Instead, it’s back to Kunai, as he goes to meet with Angel White. In the meeting, Angel White has her guard up. Despite this, she allows Kunai access to the holy capital’s library, which he promptly visits after the meeting.

While there he tries to research the seraph – the counterparts to demons in this world. But to no avail, as he can’t figure out what happened to them or where they have gone. We then learn that Kunai has enough skill points to have unlocked a new valuable skill – instant teleport. Now, he can teleport to any location he’d previously visited. We also learn that loot can be found in dungeons in this world, which Kunai takes an interest in as he lacks magic resistance.

Kunai heads into the city alone, but is ambushed by Tron, who says that she can sense Zero in him through his emotions. Kunai tells her he will introduce her to Zero again sometime, if she helps him out. And so Tron joins the party.

The party then teleports to the Bunny Village that is part of Luna’s territory. There, Kunai and Yu construct a hospital and hot springs resort. Kunai also ponders constructing a public bathhouse for poorer folks as well, but we don’t see that happen just yet at least.

The episode ends with Kunai summoning another aide – Isami Tahara. A man who is apparently quick to learn anything, has a sister complex, and is good with guns. His job will be to run the hot springs resort / hospital, as well as protect the town.

Episode Thoughts

After all the action of last episode, I’m not surprised to see that this episode took a step back. Most of the episode featured Kunai collecting information and setting up his business venture in the Bunny Village. And I have no issues with that, as it is something that Kunai had been focused on for several episodes now.

Business ventures aside, there were a couple other new developments. First was Tron joining the party! I was wondering how the anime was going to get Tron, who only interacted with Zero, into Kunai’s party, given that Zero and Kunai are different characters. But it seems they figured out a way around that with Tron being able to sense some similarities.

The other development was the summoning of a new aide, Isami Tahara. He’s a rough looking guy, and not exactly the type I would have expected to see Kunai summon for an administrator role. But here he is. We’ll have to wait and see what kind of character he is next episode.

The anime also hinted at Kunai going to a dungeon in order to find gear to boost his magic resistance, and so I wonder if we’ll see this happen next episode or if it’s going to be further out in the future. It’d be fun to watch Kunai and his party tackle a dungeon, especially if it was one that was supposed to be very dangerous. Maybe they could run into those S-Class Adventurers in a dungeon or something?

I’ve got one final thought, and it’s just that I wasn’t a big fan of how we didn’t get to see the conclusion of Killer Queen clinging to Zero. I love watching Killer Queen’s reactions to Zero, so i would have liked to see more of the two of them interacting. It’s a shame that the episode glossed over that, considering how entertaining it is and how much they’ve built up Killer Queen’s love for Zero.

Episode Highlights

Tron, Killer Queen, & Zero

Kunai Meets Angel White

Visiting The Library

Tron Joins The Party

Business Ventures At Bunny Village

Summoning A New Aide

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