Maou-sama, Retry! (Episode 9) – Corporate Demon Lord

Kunai has just summoned his second aide – Tahara, the genius, to assist in running the newly created hot springs resort and baths. It seems that whatever this demon lord’s aspirations were, he’s been a bit distracted with this business venture!

Dancing Swindler and the Giant Gold Coin

The episode starts out with Kunai filling Tahara in on everything that has been going on. He also runs into Yu and the other girls – Aku, Luna, and Tron. In the end, the job of upgrading the local village, training the Bunnies, getting the businesses operational, et cetera, falls on Tahara.

Kunai then goes into town to procure some supplies. He first visits the antique shop and sells a magic box to the owner for 15 gold coins, which he then uses to purchase uniforms and secure food shipments for his new business. He briefly turns into Zero, but only to reminisce about his time spent playing as Zero back when it was Infinity Game.

We then see the Bunnies working in the fields, using the baths, cleaning the baths, and trying on uniforms.

Tahara and Kunai greet their noble guest, Shrimpfry Butterfly and her companion, Commando Sambo, who is partially blind. Kunai takes them to the hospital where Yu treats Sambo’s eyes. This causes Butterfly to give Yu a giant gold coin for her service. The episode also ends here.

Episode Thoughts

This felt like a very macro episode, solely focused on the establishment of Kunai’s business. It’s kind of odd to see though, if only because I hadn’t expected this anime to turn into some sort of business tycoon type of show. Typically you expect the “demon lord” to go out and fight, not establish a business.

It’s hard to think of what to say about this episode, it was very straightforward and wasn’t incredibly exciting. While the future prospects of what is happening is interesting, watching the business get set up isn’t.

I would have liked to see Butterfly’s reaction to the resort this episode, but I guess we’ll have to wait until next time.

Episode Highlights

Meeting Tahara

Kunai Gets Supplies


Guests Arrive & Treatment

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