Maou-sama, Retry! (Season One)

Maou-sama, Retry!, a lighthearted take on the isekai genre, has wrapped up. While the anime is most certainly setup for a sequel, how did this first season fare?

Demon Lord Retry Carriage Kunai

Maou-sama, Retry!

Maou-sama, Retry! is an isekai anime following a Japanese game developer who gets isekai’d into an unknown fantasy world – as the character from his own game! And so he takes on the role of Kunai Hakuto, a “demon lord” from another world. The thing is, Kunai is from a very industrial world featuring guns and other modern amenities. How will he fare in this new world?


At first glance, this anime feels a lot like How Not To Summon A Demon Lord, with the only real difference being that our protagonist doesn’t recognize the world he is in as he (the character at least) is from a different game world. But the anime doesn’t play out the same whatsoever.

The anime plays out a little different from what you’d normally expect, which is Kunai going around demonstrating his overwhelming power while getting situated, and challenging more and more powerful enemies. Instead, we get a little bit of that, a little bit of harem, and a little bit of slice of life. Actually, more than a little bit of slice of life, as partway through the show Kunai basically settles down and the pacing of the episodes slows to a near halt.

There are fun moments, and there are slow moments. There are some decent action moments, but they are quite sparse overall.

Demon Lord Retry Aku Book

Art / Animation

I won’t spend too much time on the art / animation, because I try not to be a stickler on these things. The fact is that some anime get a bigger budget than others, and there are so many factors that can help or hurt these things.

What I will say is that the art / animation isn’t the best, but it’s certainly not bad enough to hurt the anime. The characters all look good and the anime has it’s own feel due to the colouring used.

I will say that the lack of a big budget probably hurt the anime’s ability to show us action more than anything.

Demon Lord Retry Yu Kirino and Luna


As I touched upon earlier, the real killer for this show is simply the pacing. Early on the anime takes on what I’d call a fairly standard pace, but that quickly grinds to a halt later on with Kunai getting some business ideas. What you’d think was a fantasy / action anime soon turns into some sort of fantasy business tycoon slice of life anime. Not bad in itself, but it’s definitely an unexpected twist given the way things start out.

Season Highlights

Naturally it’s not all bad for Maou-sama, Retry!.
There are many fun moments, and fun characters throughout the anime, so here are some highlights from the season.


Story Rating – Average

While the story and characters of Maou-sama, Retry! offer some good moments here and there, overall the pacing of the show is such that it feels like a bore. With entire episodes only managing to feature a few conversations, or little to no developments at all, the story simply doesn’t hold up to many others out there in the fantasy / isekai genre.

Ecchi Rating – Cool

Admittedly this was an Ecchi Lite series from the start, so I wasn’t expecting too much on the ecchi front. If anything, the real draw to Maou-sama, Retry! in this area would just be for all the cute female characters. Sure, we get some cleavage here and there, but that’s about the extent of it.

In Conclusion…

Maou-sama, Retry! in many ways feels like a very generic anime that is trying to capitalize on the current isekai anime craze. Most noticeably the anime probably had a smaller budget to work with, which heavily limited the amount of action and scenery displayed. Unfortunately, as a result, the anime ends up feeling very bogged down and uninteresting for the most part.

Cute girls simply aren’t enough to carry an anime like this, although they were most definitely appreciated!

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