Mayo Chiki! (Episode 1) – The End of the Earth

Mayo Chiki! begins! Featuring a protagonist who has a phobia of women, due to his mother and sister, that discovers something he shouldn’t have… and ends up meeting a sadistic girl who promises to help him cure his phobia!

The End of the Earth

Kinjirou Sakamachi is a little different from the regular high school boy. He has an irrational fear of women, so much so that even being touched by a women gives him a nosebleed. This is all thanks to his mother, a pro wrestler, and his sister, a wrestler in training.

One day while at school, Kinjirou uncovers a dark secret… well it’s not really dark, but is a secret. Elite and famous student Kanade Suzutsuki has a butler, Subaru Konoe, accompany her while she attends school. And while in the washroom, Kinjirou accidentally walks in on Subaru – only to discover that Subaru is a girl!

After being knocked out, Kinjirou wakes up next to Kanade, who begins to tease him before offering an exchange: he promises to say nothing about her butler being a girl, and she will “help” him cure his gynophobia.

Episode Thoughts

Well, first off, the girls are cute in this one. In addition, there was fan service – something that should be expected, but honestly you never know these days. Sometimes an anime tagged as “ecchi” has little to no ecchi! This first episode was off to a good start. It wasn’t packed with ecchi, but it had it’s moments, which is fine with me.

Kanade seems like a fun character, as she has a very sadistic side. It makes me wonder what sort of methods she plans on using to cure Kinjirou’s fear of women… Perhaps she’ll only make it worse!

Ecchi Highlights

A Violent Wake-up Call!

Bump in the Hallway

The Discovery

Waking Up Next to a Sadistic Rich Girl!

The Next Morning…

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