Mayo Chiki! (Episode 10) – Let’s Dig In!

It’s Kureha’s birthday, and to celebrate we get an episode that puts her in the spotlight and pushes Jirou aside for the most part. The relaxed mood of the anime continues with this one!

Let’s Dig In!

Kureha heads out while Jirou is still asleep to celebrate her 16th birthday! First, she meets up with Usami and Narumi at Usami’s apartment, where the two give her some gifts and perform a re-enactment of the Jirou x Subaru BL that Narumi is working on. Afterwards they head to the maid cafe where Kanade and Subaru await, and eat cake and play a game Kanade had made specially for Kureha. Finally, Kureha heads home and gets a gift from Jirou.

Episode Thoughts

It was a cute episode, one that was lacking the fan service we’ve seen in previous episodes. Jirou was hardly in it at all. There was some humour, like how Usami’s apartment has ghosts, but for the most part it was just a cute episode following Kureha. There were also some flashbacks to her previous birthdays and memories with her brother.

Ecchi Highlights

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